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5th Quarter Party
We hold a 5th Quarter Party after the home high school football games each season. Our church is 2 blocks from the stadium. We provide music (mix of Christian & secular), either a D.J. or band, plus pizza & pop.

Kids dance or hang out in the Youth Room and play pool, ping pong and foosball. We take digital photos at the game & put in a video presentation that includes info about our Youth Group. We play the video throughout the evening. About midway through the party, we have a short Gospel presentation. The parties have been so well attended that we have also added a few after home basketball games during the winter months. Diane Stewart, Youth Director, First Christian Church, Oskaloosa, Iowa

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   Kaylie Thomas         1/7/2015 7:17:28 AM

love this idea Have any good ideas for the spring?

   Cindy Griffin         5/5/2014 7:24:10 AM

getting started in outreach, i think this is a good site to start looking at children ministery

   Adriana Sanchez         4/11/2013 8:12:01 PM


   Marjae Montgomery         1/27/2013 5:12:20 PM

Great idea!

   Jonathan McKee         3/21/2012 11:15:41 AM

Good questions, both of these below. Obviously the answer is a little bigger than a "comment" permits, but let me direct you to some places to find these answers. First, scroll up to the top of this page and access the ARTICLES & FREE TRAINING dropdown menu. From there, choose FREE TRAINING TOOLS. Once on that page, choose HELP ME. That "HELP ME" page has a gold mine of free training articles. You'll find articles about planning large events, programming... and other topics like connecting with kids, developing student leaders, etc. Like I said, a TON of good stuff there. If you want to read even more on the subject, scroll up to the top of the page and click RECOMMENDED BOOKS and take a look at my GETTING STUDENTS TO SHOW UP book. In that book I go through this kind of event planning step by step, even talking specifically about events like 5th Quarter Parties.

   Martin Marin         11/5/2011 7:59:22 PM

Please provide ideas/suggestions for starting 5th Quarter parties. I am a member of the all-sports booster club at Brackenridge High School in San Antonio, Texas and think it is a wonderful idea.

   Nick         8/30/2011 2:34:04 PM

Hey Diane quick question, how did you get the word out about 5th quarter? It is something I want to start, but don't know how to get it going. Any suggestion? I was planning on doing maybe 2 or 3 and plan them out well and see if I can get a turn out that way I don't plan one after every home game and only get a few. Is that a good Idea?


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