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NOTE FROM JONATHAN: I think one of the best ways we can point to Christ is through "acts of service." I'm not talking about handing out tracks or "door knocking"... I'm talking about good ol' fashion helping people in need. And if people ask why, we simply answer, "Because that's what Jesus would have done, and we're pretty excited about Jesus."

The Cool Water Project
If you live in the South, you know the hot season spans from Valentine’s Day to Thanksgiving. This gives us plenty of opportunities to share a simple, refreshing bottle of cold water to people who are thirsty. We’ve done this too many times to count, because it’s such a hit. Here’s how you can do it.

All you have to do is purchase some bottled water and ice it down in coolers. (NOTE: Buy high quality water. If you’re gonna give it in Christ’s Name, give the best.) Take the coolers to places where lots of people will be.

The beach
The park
Ball fields
Parking lots (Wal Mart, Costco, etc)
The DMV (just kidding!)

Some of these locations will necessitate that you call first, for example, a store’s parking lot. Usually, if you assure them you are giving it away for free, they don’t mind, even though it might keep them from making a sale or two.

Simply instruct your group to approach the passers-by with a smile on their face, and ask them if they could use a TOTALLY FREE bottle of ice cold water, no strings attached. You might even say, “We are just out and around, showing God’s love in a tangible way. You look like you could use a cool drink.”

I have found it best to say two things to the kids before we pray and split up to go serve the community.

1. Whatever you do, DON’T take any money, even if it’s a tip! That negates the whole idea of showing God’s love to us that’s free. If they say, “Well take it and put it in the offering.” Simply, and respectfully, invite them to go to a church of their choosing on Sunday and put it in themselves.
2. Prepare yourself for some people who just won’t believe it’s really for free. They may decline, they may shout, they may get angry and swear. Just calmly withdraw and kindly say, “God bless you,” to them.

Don’t forget to reconvene after the handout is over to share stories and conversations. This is a great time, too!

Idea by David R. Smith

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