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Back to Top Air Mattress Pile-up
Inflate an air mattress and see how many kids can stand up straight on it in the water without falling over. For more fun, do not inflate it all the way. You could also give a prize to the person who stays on the longest, etc. If you have a fairly small group, you can have everyone play, and if your group is larger, then use this as an up-front game.

Safety Note: Have adult spotters around the pool. Don't allow pushing. Also, avoid using a small pool, where students have a chance of falling into the side of the pool.

Added by Eben in South Africa
Back to Top Atomic Whirlpool
Have everybody get in the pool and line up single file along the edge with very little space between them. Have everyone walk for a couple of minutes, then jog another couple of minutes, then "run" around the edge another couple of minutes.

If done right the water will "carry" them around the pool. Finally, tell them to turn around and go the other way. It is almost impossible to go against the current, so it's a lot of fun to watch the students struggle!

Added by Shelby Craig
Back to Top Battleships and Submarines
Divide the group into two teams. Each team has a “base” against the wall of the pool, opposite each other. When the game starts, the battleship team comes off the wall and taunts the submarines into chasing them. The submarines push off when ready, swimming underwater and tries to touch/tag the battleships before the battleships reach base. If the sub is successful, the battleship switches sides (and the sub gets a free walk/swim back). If the sub is unsuccessful, the sub must swim back to its side. However, if the sub has to come up for air and the battleship splashes the sub, then the sub switches sides! The point of the game is to try and get everyone on your team.

Have fun, but be safe!

Variation: For advanced swimmers and to make it harder, the battleships can grab the foot of the retreating sub, hoping to make them come up for air, but be careful, if the sub has enough air, they can turn around and touch the battleship, capturing them!

Idea by Lucy G.
Back to Top Belly Flop Contest
When you've got your group at the pool, and everyone's kind of doing their own thing, nothing brings everyone together quite like a belly flop contest. Get your contestants, find a prize for the winner, and have the audience judge by applause, according to:

Judge on 3 catagories:

    1. Form/Creativity
    2. Pain
    3. Air
Back to Top Boogie Board Relay
You will need two boogie boards and two ski ropes...oh yeah, and a pool.

Two relay teams race against each other from one end of the pool to the other. While one player kneels on the board, another person standing on the ledge of the pool pulls them the length of the pool. The person that was kneeling on the boogie board and being pulled across the pool first, then trades positions with the "puller." He/she then pulls that person back to the "starting" end of the pool. Two more players from the team repeat the two-legged trip. Continue until the first team finishes.

For safety sake, you may want to have adult leaders positioned around the pool in case of an accident. Also you may want to shorten the overall length of the pool by 5 feet so that the "puller" does not drag the "rider" into the walls at the ends of the pools.
Back to Top Bottle
If done correctly, this is like a “covert operations” version of Steal The Bacon. You’ll need a CLEAR plastic 2 liter bottle...and a swimming poool. Make sure the Coke/Mountain Dew/etc wrapper is peeled off the bottle! Here’s what you do.

The game leader fills the 2 liter all the way to the top (with pool water) and puts the cap on very tightly. Then the game leader divides the group into two teams. Also, assign each team an “end” of the pool. Finally, a chair is placed on either end of the pool as the “goal.” You’re ready!

Have the teams lined up on different sides of the pool. The players need to be facing AWAY from the pool WITH their eyes closed. The game leader then throws the bottle into the pool. When it splashes in the pool, players can turn around, open their eyes, and jump in after it!

The object is to get the bottle to the other’s teams’ chair (goal). If they can put it in the chair, they get a point. (After each point is scored, the players must exit the pool, and the game leader starts the second round the same way he/she started the first round.) First team with 3 points wins.

Here’s the trick, though. The 2 liter is hard to see if it is totally filled with water! The players are allowed to be “sneaky” with the bottle if they have it. Many times, a team scores while the other team is trying to figure out who has it!

Have fun and be safe!

Idea by Cletis
Back to Top Bumper Boats
Have about 5-6 sturdy tubes (or small, donut shaped flotation devices) – “Bumper Boats” - for as many players as you have in the pool (more for a lake). This is like “Bumper Cars” at a fair or carnival, only in water. Tell students to kick off the sides of the pool and try to knock as many people off their “boat” as possible. Last one floating wins.

Announce the no brainer: no hitting, scratching, pulling hair, biting, decapitating, etc.

Added by Margot

Also see Pool Bronco Busting (Click Here).
Back to Top Chicken
This is a swimming pool classic.

In Chicken, you need at least 4 players, but it can be as many as you want as long as it’s an even number. Have all the players pair up, with one sitting on the shoulders of the other. (Duh! Make sure that girls are ONLY sitting on the shoulders of other girls!!)

When the game leader says go, it’s every team for themselves. The team’s objective is to knock the other teams over. The last pair standing is the winner.

NOTE: Be safe!
Make sure to play this in an area AWAY from the sides of the pool. You don’t want somebody crashing their head into the concrete rim!
Also, you may want to have a couple of adult leaders walking through the fray to make sure nobody gets pinned down under water (if you have a really big group.)

Idea by Daniel
Back to Top Croc Wrestling
Get a big inflatable croc and choose 3 volunteers who will each have 60 seconds, by themselves to do the best show of croc wrestling in the pool. Give points for creativity, death rolls, etc.

Have an MC who can do a "Crocodile Hunter" (Steve Irwin) impersonation. Play safari music.

Added by Purple Chris

Game Variation: You can also have students take turns jumping off the diving onto the floating croc, giving them syle points for their "slam" before they even begin the wrestling. It's super funny to see what the students can come up with.
Back to Top Diving Board PIG
Line up kids behind the diving board. Just like the basketball game "PIG" (or HORSE) the first person says what they are going to try to do. If they do it the next person has to do the same dive, flip, or whatever they did. If they also do it correctly then the next person has to do it as well. As soon as someone messes up they get a letter and then the next person in line calls what they are going to attempt. This continues until all but one person is eliminated by spelling "PIG".

Rule: You can only use the same dive once per game. (Otherwise you will have one person just keep doing the same double flip that no one else can do.)

Pick a judge or vote to decide if they get a letter or not.

Added by C. Wyatt

See Jump or Dive (Click Here).
Back to Top Duck Thrust
If you have a swimming pool and lots of teens together, throw in a couple of rubber ducks, and you can play Duck Thrust. Here’s how it works.

Put 3-4 players at one end of the pool and give them one rubber duck apiece. When you say go, they must use their nose to push the duck to the other end of the pool. They can also “blow” the duck forward; they just can’t bite the duck and swim to the other end with it in their mouths. Nor can they touch their duck with their hands or feet.

Further, the players can “distract” the other players by splashing water in their faces or splashing water toward their ducks to knock them backward. They just can’t actually TOUCH the other players or the other players’ ducks.

The first one to get his duck to touch the other end of the pool (obeying the rules) is the winner.

Idea by Miey
Back to Top Gator
This swimming pool game is a good one if you happen to have a large group. Here is how you play it.

Have one person designated as the "gator." He or she treads water in the DEEP END of the pool while all other participants are standing on the side. The leader will then yell "gator!" and at that point, the players standing on the side of the pool have 30 seconds to successfully jump in, swim to the other side of the pool, and get out without being tagged by the gator.

Anyone who is tagged in the first round has to join ranks with the “gator” and try to tag the swimmers in the next round(s). The game goes until there is only one person who has not been tagged. Hand out a simple prize for the winner.

NOTES: Because this is a swimming pool game, follow some simple guidelines to make sure none of your students get hurt:
1. You should ONLY PLAY IN THE DEEP END of a pool.
2. No jumping on the “gator.”
3. Have adult leaders on hand to help in case of emergencies.
Back to Top Get Dressed
With a small group this game can involve everyone, or it can be just an "up-front" game if you've got a larger group.

My friend and I started this game one day when we had our clothes on over our bathing suits and went in the pool. We have been playing it ever since.

The more players the more fun, but the game will work fine with just 2 people.
Each person needs a shirt, pants, socks, and what ever other clothing you would like to use.

Have all of the players line up, in the pool at one end. Have someone else who is not playing take all of the players' clothes and bring them to the other end of the pool. Have that person get the clothes wet until they sink to the bottom, and then mix up all the clothes and put them in a pile at the bottom of the pool. That person now gets out of the pool or out of the way of the racers and becomes the judge.

The Game:
When the judge says "Get Dressed" the players must race to the other side of the pool, find their shirt in the pile and put it on, then race to the other side. Once they touch the edge they turn around, race back, then find and put on their pants, then race back to the other side. Next come the socks and so on. In essence, the order doesn't really matter.

Note: Shorts are easier so for a twist use jeans or long pants because they are quite difficult to get on. The first person back to where they started and all dressed wins!

Twist: After we do that my friend and I also like to do it the opposite way where you have to swim to the edge take off the clothing then swim back touch the edge and back to take off another piece of clothing.

Added by Kelsey G.
Back to Top Jump or Dive
A classic pool game fun for crazy participants but slightly more entertaining for the onlookers.

Must have a pool with a diving board and is large enough for people to dive into.

  1. Whoever wants to play lines up outside the pool.

  2. Going one at a time, the player must get a running start and get a good bounce off the board. Then, at the last second, the leader either yells JUMP or DIVE.

  3. The player must quickly react and make the necessary adjustments. It begins to get hilarious when players start anticipating the call and try to adjust but end up with very painful belly flops.

One way to keep the game moving is to have elimination.

For added fun: Yell JUMP or DIVE just a little too late!

Added by Steve Garcia

See King of the Tube (Click Here) and Diving Board PIG (Click Here).
Back to Top Jump the Noodle
All you need is one of those pool noodles and a leader who can tread water. Simply position a leader in the pool and have them hold the noodle at a predetermined distance from the diving board. Then one by one have the students jump over noodle (from the diving board into the water). After reach round the leader moves the noodle (1 foot is a good distance) making it more and more difficult to clear the noodle.

Submitted by Ashley
Back to Top King of the Tube
Pool game where teams compete for best time. Each team selects a champion who can stay on a tube the longest.

One at a time, a champion sits in a tube, and when the timer starts, the opposite teams all try to tip over the champion WITHOUT TOUCHING HIM, only the tube.
Time each champion, see who stays on the longest.

Safety Note: Have adult spotters around the sides of the pool.

See Jump or Dive (Click Here) and Diving Board PIG (Click Here), also on Swimming Pool page.
Back to Top Monster's Ball Bonanza
Summer time demands at least one thing: access to a swimming pool you can take your kids to! This SWIMMING POOL game is a great one that’s fun to play for your group; just make sure you have at least 4 kids and some beach balls. Here’s how you do it.

Have at least 4 students, but no more than 20 (unless you are in an Olympic size pool). You’re gonna need some beach balls, too. If you have just 4 students, 3 balls will work. Try to maintain a “3 balls” to “4 students” ratio for this game. (For example: 6 students = 4 balls, 8 students = 6 balls, 12 students = 9 balls, 16 students = 12 balls, and 20 students = 15 balls.)

Now, have everyone except one student, called the Monster, go to the same end of the pool. The Monster gets a certain amount of beach balls (depending on how many students are in the pool).

The objective is for the students in the pool to make it to the other end of the pool without getting hit by the balls the Monster is throwing. On “go,” they must swim to the other end of the pool. If they choose to swim underwater, they must surface at least twice. This gives the Monster a fair chance as he/she throws balls at the students.

Once the Monster throws all of the balls, he can't get them out of the pool until everyone gets to the other end of the pool. When the Monster hits one of the swimmers with a ball, they must get out of the pool and become a Monster in the next round, and help him/her in the next round. Play until there is only one student left in the pool, and that person is the winner.

Idea by Rachel D.
Back to Top Phat Dippin'
It's a pool party with your clothes on!! We recommend that attendees wear sandals (unless you have a pair of sneakers you want to ruin). Provide plastic bags (and write their names on it with a marker) for cell phones, wallets and other items you don't want to get soaked. Have a contest for the "Best Dressed." (We recommend shopping at a thrift store for GREAT outfits!!)

Combine with any other pool game, activity for added fun!

Idea by Jason G.
Back to Top Pirates and Sharks
This game works best with a larger group (10+ kids), and requires the following:
- pool mats
- various pool toys or nicknacks

Have the students divide themselves into two groups. When this is done, designate one of the groups as "Sharks", and the remaining groups as "Pirates". The pirate group claims a "ship" (one of the pool mats), and get into the pool and climb aboard. Split up the "treasure" (the various pool toys and nicknacks) between the pirate ships.
After the pirates are all ready to go, let the sharks into the pool.

The game works as follows:
The pirate ships move around the pool (swimmers use their arms, legs to paddle), trying to steal an enemy ship's treasure. While this is happening above water, the Sharks in the water try to pull the pirates into the pool - once a pirate is pulled in they become a shark as well.

There are two ways to win this game. The first is if one pirate ship claims all of the treasure before all of its "crew" is pulled into the pool. That team wins the game. The second way is if every pirate is pulled into the pool and made a shark before one ship can control all of the treasure. In this case, the original sharks (whoever started as a shark at the beginning of the game) wins the game.
Back to Top Pool Battleship
Players separate into two teams. Then, the competitors must build a large “ship” out of several floats, noodles, and/or tubes, etc. The groups can also build home bases, so that they can take turns getting to the other side - which is easier if you have large teams.

Next, the two teams try to get to the other end of the pool without falling into the water, or being tagged by a member of the other team, while staying on their “ship”. (To make it more interesting, allow the players to use water guns and noodles to attack the other team.)

Added by Winter Wenner

Also see Bumper Boats (Click Here).
Back to Top Pool Bronco Busting
Based on having 4 teams of 4. Use a steady floating tube and tie 3 ropes to it that can reach to the outside of the pool. Have each team choose a rider and then each of the other teams choose 3 people per team to pull the rope and try to “buck” the rider off. The team with the longest time wins. Use a fun plastic helmet for looks & safety.

Added by Aaron Thomas

See Pool Tractor Tire Pile-Up (Click Here).
Back to Top Pool Change Drop
Dump between $20 & $100 in change (depending on the number of students & your budget!) in a pool. At the whistle everyone jumps in and goes crazy trying to collect as much as possible.

You can do so many variations of this with tokens, toys, sea shells, items worth more points, etc.

Back to Top Pool Tag Survivor
One person is "it." They call out either "dolphin," "froggy," or "submarine."

Dolphin has to swim on top of the water.
Froggy has to swim in the middle.
Submarine has to swim at the bottom of the pool.

"It" has to close their eyes and try to tag the others. When a player gets to the other end, they yell, "Survived!" If they get tagged they are it. The more people the better.

Added by Livvylou
Back to Top Pool Toothpick
Should only be played in a pool with a deep end. Everyone is lined up around the outside of the deep end of the pool. "It" dives to the deepest area of the pool and lets go of a toothpick. "It" surfaces as quickly as possible, and splashes a lot as he/she gets out of the pool and takes place along edge of pool with others.

The objective is to be the first one to jump in and grab the toothpick, which will slowly be rising to the surface. First one to successfully get the toothpick 3 times gets some type of simple prize.

Some things that help the game go better:

Yell "TOOTHPICK!" before jumping in.

Let the toothpick get as close to the top as possible, because if you jump too early, the water moves before you can reach the toothpick.

Try not to let any part of your body touch the water ahead of your hand/arm as you reach for the toothpick. "Snatching" the toothpick can be quite fun.

If you jump in and miss, you cannot make another attempt at the toothpick until you are out of the water, although you may splash as much as you want on your way out!

Absolutely no diving, pushing, shoving, or pulling someone else in the pool.

Safety Note: Although some contact is inevitable, remind students again to avoid diving on top of each other.

This game may sound a little dangerous, but in 15 years we've never had any injuries.

Added by Troy Norling

See Pool Change Drop (Click Here).
Back to Top Pool Tractor Tire Pile-Up
Get a tractor tire tube (the bigger the better) and see how many people you can get on the tire at one time.

Safety Note: Make sure that the tire stays in the middle of the deep end of the pool and have adult sponsors around the sides of the pool. You don't want anyone busting their head on the bottom or sides.

See Pool Bronco Busting (Click Here).
Back to Top Pool-ategories!
First, chose a leader or student to be the “caller”. After you have chosen the caller, they will think of a category (colors, animals, ice cream flavors, etc). People will line up at the diving board. One person will jump off the diving board and the caller will say a category as soon as they leave the diving board. The person who jumps off has to name something in the category before they hit the water. If he or she does, they return to the line. If they do not, they are out. Then the next person in line goes. The last person in the game is the caller for the next round.

Hint: Jump high so you have time to think about the category.

Idea By Syd Keown
Back to Top Poolside Steal the Bacon
Just like Steal the Bacon with its many variations, but in the pool.

Two teams can either be in the water or standing on the opposite sides of the pool (if you have a deep enough deep end that allows for safe diving in).

The "Bacon" can be anything (ball, rag, raft, be creative here) and can be floating on the water, sunk to the bottom, or even in the process of sinking.

Added by Sam Hettinger

See also Pool Toothpick (Click Here).
Back to Top Poor Man's Beachball Volleyball
Outdoor, Big Room, or Pool. Use staff as the net (all lined up across the court with hands in the air) and play normal volleyball with a beachball. Allow as many hits per side as needed and allow as many players as needed (your whole group, in other words).
Back to Top River Crossing (Pool)
ONLY DO THIS if you have a pool wide enough that someone falling in CAN’T hit the edge! Play this with guys in the pool and girls on the side. Guys stand back to back as girls try to walk across their shoulders - holding guys outstretched arms for balance - to the opposite side of the pool without falling in.

If there are not enough guys to cross the pool, they have to slowly move from back to front of line in pool to form a "moving" bridge. You can play two teams against each other or one group which is required to get all the girls to cross safely to complete game.

Safety Note: Have adults near edges of pool for safety as well.

The Point: Use this activity prior to a discussion with the guys about being gentlemen.

Added by Eric Smith

Also see Pool Bronco Busting (Click Here).
Back to Top Skip Ball
4 players compete against 4 other players. The game is played in a rectangular in-ground pool. Each team consists of a skipper (1), a midfielder (2), and two defenders/rebounders (3-4). The game is played with a volleyball sized kid's play ball. The first team to 11 points wins the game.

Play begins with a coin toss to determine who will skip the ball first.

The skipper from the attacking team must jump off the diving board. While in mid air the skipper must "skip" the ball (just like skipping a stone) across the water and out of the pool on the other side.
The throw is no good if the ball does not hit the water first or the skipper makes contact with the water before he/she throws the ball.

While the skipper is throwing the ball the defending team is trying to block the shot in the shallow end. While the defense is trying to block the ball the rebounders/defenders of the skipper's team are trying to push the defenders out of the way to give the skipper an open shot on goal.

After a shot has been taken each team fights for possession of the ball. The team that can keep possession of the ball and can make a controlled contact with the deep end wall of the pool will then have a chance to skip the ball.

The mid-fielders on each team swim in the middle of the pool or hold on to the side and wait for passes from the rebounders/defenders. In this position midfielders can try for a "touch" on the deep end, or pass the ball off to a skipper (which at this time is usually located farther in the deep end). If the ball goes past the goal line (after skipping on the water at least once) 1 point is awarded to the skipping team.

Some of the other rules are:
The ball must only be held with one hand.

The ball must not go under water.

Any fouls will result in an automatic shot at goal by the non offending team.

After a goal is scored, the defending team restarts the ball in one of the corners of the shallow end.

If the ball goes out of the bounds past the side lines, the non-offending team gets a shot on goal.

All other people must remain in the pool during play (except the skipper, who is jumping off the diving board).
Back to Top Sponge Pass
Outdoor or Indoor (need more towels if indoor). Simple but fun, especially on a hot day! You divide your group in rows. In front of each row place a bucket with water and a sponge. At the back place an empty bucket to collect water. When time starts running the person in the front dips the sponge and passes it to the back and the last person squeezes the water into the bucket. The row that manages to collect the most water wins.

Added by Elizabeth Oliveras

Also see Spongebob Squarefort on Upfront page.
Back to Top Spongebob Squarefort
Great game for kids. Set two rectangular inflatable pools 6-10 feet apart from each other with the long sides facing each other. Get a bunch of small cheap yellow sponges and cut them in half or fourths.

Fill the pools with water and divide the sponges between each pool. Use a whistle to indicate start and stop times. Divide into two teams and place each team behind their pools (or in them). On the whistle, everyone picks up and throws the sponges into the opposing team's pool. When the whistle blows again, the team with the fewest sponges in their pool wins.

  1. Place a starting line 15-20 feet away from each team's pool. On the whistle, each team runs to their pool, reaches in and starts throwing sponges into the other team's pool. When the whistle blows again, the first whole team back across the line wins (this keeps kids out of the pools when trying to count all
    of the sponges).

  2. Place some of the youth leaders in a smaller pool in between the two pools. The first team to get all of their sponges into the smaller pool wins.

  3. Line both teams up and pass wet sponges from one end to the other (or in a smaller group pass it "Hot Potato" style in a circle).

Added by Aaron Kingsbury

Also see Sponge Pass on Outdoor page. Change it every couple of rounds.
Back to Top Swimming Pool Bowling
This is a fun swimming pool game that is great for groups of 6 to 20 students. All you need is some sort of flotation device (an innertube, air mattress, or inflatable raft). Here’s how you play.

Get everybody into the shallow end, about waist-deep water. Choose one person to be the “bowler” and one person to be the “bowling ball.” The rest of the groups are pins. The person who is the bowler helps but the person who’s the bowling ball ONTO the raft/tube. The two of them stand about 8 feet away from the rest of the group.

The rest of the group (the pins) should cluster together and, when told to, do a synchronized handstand. (So, their heads are underwater, and their feet are sticking out of the water…thus making pins.)

At that point, the bowler pushes the raft/tube toward the pins. The bowler gets points for knocking the pins over. (If a pins’ knees goes underwater, they are considered “knocked down.”)

Give everyone a turn and be safe.

NOTE: For safety, make sure that all "pins" are far enough from the walls that when they get knocked over, they do not hit their legs.

Idea by Mike B.
Back to Top Trash Bag Rafts
Give each group a certain number of the largest trash can bags you can find and some tape/rope etc. See who can build the strongest raft and then race across the width of the pool.

Added by Eben in South Africa
Back to Top Underwater Handstand Tag
Play as a group in waist-deep water. One player is "it." They chase after the other players, attempting to tag them. Whoever is tagged becomes "it."

The players avoid being tagged either by evading the player whoever’s "it" or by doing an underwater handstand. As long as a player is doing a handstand she can't be tagged "it." Have at least one leader on each side of the pool for safety.

Added by Mike B
Back to Top Water Ball
You can play this game like Dodge Ball or have wars using boxes as forts. Get a bunch of pool water balls (the kind that are super absorbent or use water balloons. Water balls save time and can be used over. Fill buckets with water and give each team a bunch of balls or one ball each. Keep them far enough apart that it won't hurt and tell them no head shots. When a player is hit, they are out.

Variations: You can also use this setting for a great game of Capture the Flag.

Added by Charlie Wallis

Also see Eternal Dodgeball (Click Here) and Balloon Defense (Click Here).
Back to Top Water Ballet
Give each team of 4-8 people a certain amount of time to perform a water ballet that involves EVERY team member. Play classical music through a boom box, if possible.
Back to Top Water Colors
One person stands outside of the pool, with their back towards the water. Everyone else stands along that same edge of the pool (in the water) and thinks of a color. When everyone is ready the person standing outside of the pool shouts out different colors. When your color is called you have to swim across the pool. When the person standing outside the pool thinks someone is swimming they turn around and jump in and tag the swimmers before they reach the other side. If the swimmer gets tagged they are the new person to stand outside of the pool.

Note: Every time the person turns around and nobody is swimming or they didn't tag the person, they take one step further away from the pool.

Idea submitted by Marisa Carr
Back to Top Water Frisbee
This game is played in water with as many people as you want. You will need a Frisbee and two laundry baskets for the goals.

Split your group into two teams. One side defends, and one tries to score. Toss a coin to see which team goes first. You will need someone positioned outside of the pool to retrieve the Frisbee as needed.

Once the scoring side is chosen, one person from their team throws the Frisbee from outside of the pool to a fellow team member. The thrower may then join their team in the pool. Once someone catches the Frisbee they have to hold it like they are a waiter. They can have NO grasp on the Frisbee! It must be resting on the tips of their fingers. They also can't swim once in possession of the Frisbee. They can only walk or pass it. The Frisbee can be thrown when passing. Repeat this until you score a goal by getting the Frisbee into your team’s laundry basket. Then it's the next team’s turn.

Back to Top Water Hoop
Get two hoops, one on each side of the pool and play a game of basketball. Make a 5 second possession rule (ie: no one can have the ball for more than 5 seconds at a time).
Back to Top Water Polo
Same as Water Hoop but with goals instead of hoops.

See Watermelon Polo, also on Swimming Pool page.
Back to Top Waterbottle Underwater
A small group of kids stand in the shallow end of the pool, and is each given 1 bottle of water. They then have to take off the cap and stick the top of the bottle in their mouths. When you say GO, they go underwater and try to drink the whole bottle of water. The first person to drink their water and go to the surface wins!

Added by Brittany S.

Also see Poolside Steal the Bacon (Click Here).
Back to Top Watermelon Polo
Water Polo with a small watermelon (or small greased watermelon).

Added by Jon Perrin, Plano, TX

See See Water Polo, also on Swimming Pool page, and Melon Fest on Upfront page.
Back to Top Wet Sweatshirt Relay
Supply two teams with a large or extra large sweatshirt. Half of each team will go to the opposite end of the pool. At the whistle the first person of each team must put on the sweatshirt (over their bathing suit of course) and swim to the other side where their teammates are. Then they have to remove the sweatshirt and give it to the next person on their team. Teammates can help remove and put on the sweatshirt. First team who gets their whole team on the opposite side they started from wins.

Added by Ben Good


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