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Back to Top Air Guitar Contest
Choose contestants that you know will really "ham it up" on stage. Find some music that has a lot of guitar solos. Tell the contestants each will be judged (by the audience's applause) on how well each can play the "air guitar". Send each contestant in one at a time, so that "ideas" won't be stolen! It is hilarious to see what these kids can come up with!

By the way, there really is a World Air Guitar Contest each year. Check out this story:

Added by David Findley
Back to Top Alka-Seltzer On The Head Duel
You may play this game as a quick up-front game or even as a 4-person tournament. 2 contestants, each armed with a squirt gun, will take five paces and turn to duel. On each of their foreheads, you will have attached an Alka-seltzer tablet with double stick tape (possibly use big rubber bands if tape doesn’t work). They draw and shoot the water at each other, the first one to dissolve the tablet on the other's forehead wins. Use swim goggles for each to protect their eyes. The tablet will fizz and foam all over the place.

Have towels close by for clean-up. A cheesy western song (think Clint Eastwood or Lone Ranger) and some “cowboys” or “cowgirls” add to this one.

Idea from Young Life

Also see Dueling Candles (Click Here), Soda Shoot-Out (Click Here), & Squirt Game (Click Here).
Back to Top Alphabet Soup Race
This game works great for smaller groups of students. All you need is a couple large bowls, some Alphabet Soup, a few paper plates…and some cleaning supplies. Here’s what you do.

Choose two contestants from your group and put each of them in front of the two large bowls filled with Alphabet Soup. When you say go, the contestants bury their faces in the soup, suck up a mouthful of the yummy goodness, and run a few feet to where the paper plates are waiting. There, they “deposit” the soup from their mouths onto the plates. Then, using their hands, they move the letters around to make words.

Set a 2 minute time limit for the game. Players can return to the bowl of soup as often as they like for more letters, but the person with the most words at the whistle, wins.

Have fun, but clean up your mess!

Variation 1: The person with the most syllables wins.

Variation 2: The person who spells a chosen word first, wins. (For instance, the name of your city, the name of your youth ministry, or Lithuania.)
Back to Top Alphabits
Depending on the size of your group this can be an all play or an upfront game. (If you have a big group, make it a short up front game...if your group is on the smaller side, the dynamics of this game lend themselves to be an all play.)

Pick a letter of the alphabet and a topic, i.e. animals, cars, clothes, etc. The kids have to come up with a word that matches the topic and starts with the chosen letter. Example-letter B and the topic is animals; bison, bat, baboon, etc. continue to let everyone play.

If someone gives up or takes too long they are now part of the judging team to make sure that words are not reused.

Continue the game until you run out of words for the chosen letter. It’s amazing how many things the kids can come up with and how good they are at catching the repeated words.
Back to Top Annika's Revenge
This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches. A few years back, golfer Annika Sorenstam became the first woman golfer in 48 years to compete in a PGA Tour event. Although she did not make the weekend cut, her performance was no less exceptional.

Rules: This is a boys vs. girls game. There are two players on each team. Set up on stage one of those 10 foot long putting practice greens. It should be easy to find an avid golfer who owns one. If not, they only cost around $20 at Wal-Mart. Each player gets 5 putts. Alternate putts boy/girl. If the player makes the putt their teammate gets to do a gag to their opponent of the opposite sex. You pick the gag. You can: have them crack an egg over their opponents head, pour chocolate syrup on them, shoot them with a super soaker, or whatever. If the player misses the putt, the other team gets to do the gag on the teammate. Give a goofy prize at the end, (like a chocolate golf ball). You might want to give the girls an advantage, like make the guys putt opposite handed or have the girls stand closer to the hole.
Back to Top Attack of the Fish
Upfront or Small Group.

Supplies: Two cups of Goldfish crackers and two big scoops of creamy peanut butter.

Ask for two volunteers who are not allergic to peanuts.

Split up teams around them (Use 3 people for each volunteer if the game is up front, and use everyone if it's being played in a small group). Set the timer and have the teams decorate the volunteers' faces as best they can.

Best "attacked" face wins. Our jr. highers created looks like Goldfish glasses, oversized eyebrows, earrings, and a goatee. Very fun, very simple, and very tasty.

For ambience, play the Jaws theme or music while the game is played.

Added by Jason Schmock

For variations of this game, see Whiteheads (Click Here) and Cheeto Face (Click Here).
Back to Top Baby Bottle Burp
Three girls put a diaper (towel) around three guys, then sit them on their lap and feed them a baby bottle of soda (no more than half full), then make them burp. The first guy to burp wins. This game is so fun to watch because of how difficult it is to suck any quantity of liquid from a baby bottle.

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Back to Top Baby Bottle Burp Extra
We did the Baby Bottle Burp (Click Here), only first, guys had to feed girls a jar of baby food with the girls wearing bibs. (For bibs: I use plastic grocery bags & split the handles and cut the bags in half; each bag makes two.) Then the girls had to tie the bib around the guy and feed them the bottle of soda and make them burp.

Added by Kim Kopsaftis
Back to Top Balloon Master
Small Group/All Play: Divide the group into 2 or more teams with 3-4 people on each team.

Large Group/Up Front: Choose 2-4 five-person teams.

Give each team a roll of masking tape and 30 balloons. On "Go!" have members of each team roll the masking tape (sticky side out) around one of their teammates below the neckline. Next, have kids blow up their balloons as quickly as they can and stick as many as possible to the taped-up team member. You can either end the game here awarding the Balloon Master to the one with the most balloons attached in the time allotted, or you can set up an obstacle course and when the balloons have been attached, have the player go through and back to their team. Balloons that fall off during the race may not be re-attached. The team whose player has the most balloons still attached is the Balloon Master.

Idea from Young Life
Back to Top Balloon Nose Pop
Select three volunteers to compete against each other. Each student receives a large balloon. The first to blow up their balloon using only their nose so far that it pops, wins.
Back to Top Balloon Pop Russian Roulette Style
Want a game that builds excitement as it goes? This one is for you. Play this as an upfront game for a guaranteed hit with your group.

Bring 5 volunteers up to the stage. Have each volunteer sit in a chair on the stage FACING the audience. Each volunteer will then be blindfolded.

Get an adult leader to pass in front of the volunteers holding a bag/box with 5 inflated balloons in it. The volunteers will quickly grab one as the leader passes by. One of the 5 inflated balloons will also contain shaving cream.

After the contestants have their balloon, the game leader says go! The 5 volunteers then simultaneously pop their balloons. One volunteer will be covered with shaving cream. He/she is now out of the game.

Remove the creamed volunteer and repeat the same process with the remaining 4 volunteers. Remember to keep the volunteers blindfolded.

Keep going until only 1 volunteer remains. He/she is the winner. Make sure to have a cool prize on hand for him or her.

NOTES: If you have a large group, you may want to use a video feed to cue in on the volunteer that has the loaded balloon. This ensures that every kid in the room can see the startled response of the shocked volunteer. Also, you will want to use darker colored balloons to mask the shaving cream from anybody that might be cheating. Don’t fill them too much because that will be a dead giveaway to the volunteers NOT to choose that particular balloon. And finally, this is supposed to be a quick game, so make sure you don’t slow it down by:

  1. Taking too long to choose the students

  2. Taking too long to blindfold them

  3. Not having the correct number of balloons already inflated and filled with shaving cream. Make sure to make extras of both the air filled and air/cream filled balloons. The last thing you want is to run out of balloons in the middle of the game because you did not prep a few extras!
Back to Top Balloon Shave
3 or 4 kids race to shave a balloon. First put shaving cream all over the balloons. The trick is that when the balloon breaks, the shaving cream goes all over, so be prepared! A little nick put on the razor's edge beforehand will assure that the balloons will break.

Variation: Water Balloon Shave - 3 couples come to the front of the room. The boys sit in chairs facing the audience and hold a large water balloon on their heads. Their girl partners cover the balloons with shaving cream, and with a single edged razor blade (no razor, just the blade) try to "shave" all the soap off of the balloon without breaking it. Whoever is the first to succeed is the winner.

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Balloon Squash
A race to see who can break more balloons in a given time by sitting on them. Bring 2-4 kids up front with a leader behind each chair to place the balloons (from a bag or other container). Be sure to make the last one a water balloon!

Added by Young Life

Also see Balloon Pass Smash (Click Here) and Balloon Squash Outdoor (Click Here).
Back to Top Balloon Triathlon
Three students compete in three events. Have them blow up a balloon until it breaks. Have them blow up a balloon not using their hands, only their mouths. Have them blow up a balloon only using their nostrils.
Note: If you decide to have the same student(s) compete in all three categories, be prepared with spotters, in case they get lightheaded and lose their balance.

Added by Young Life

Also see Balloon Nose Pop (Click Here) and Balloon Squash (Click Here).
Back to Top Banana Barf
Have two or three volunteers put a whole banana in their mouth, instructing them not to eat it, just hold it in their mouth. Then put a pair of panty-hose over each volunteer's head. Have them squish the banana through the tiny holes in the hose into a trash or grocery bag. This game is hilarious, because when you take the pantyhose off the students' heads, the banana still stuck in the hose is smeared across their face!

Added by Elisabeth

See Banana Stuff (Click Here).
Back to Top Banana Foot Peel
This game works great as an upfront game. All you need is one banana per participant.

Bring up about 4 students, have them take off their shoes and socks, and hand each of them a banana. Make sure the crowd can see them really well; if necessary, employ the use of a live video feed.

When the leader says go, the contestants are supposed to peel the banana with their feet as quickly as they can. They can use both feet to do so.

Judge the winner by speed and final condition of the banana.

If you are super brave, you can have someone from the crowd eat the 1st place banana! Make sure to give them a good prize if they can eat it in under a minute.

NOTE: It is SO important that everyone be able to see this game happen! If there is any doubt, use a live video feed on the screen(s).

Back to Top Banana Legs
You can use as many contestants as desired but it's best with an audience cheering them on. The contestants place a knee-high pantyhose stocking over their head and face(like a bank robber) and are given a banana. They race to see who can eat the banana through the nylon first. Have a camera ready!

Added by Trish Barnhart

See Banana Barf (Click Here) and Banana Stuff (Click Here).
Back to Top Banana Poke
Bring 2 students up front. Tie their left hands together and give each a banana. They must peel the banana with one hand and poke the other in the face (not in eye).

Round Two: blindfolded

Idea from Young Life

Also see Banana Stuff (Click Here).
Back to Top Banana Split Feet
I just love ice cream games for summer…don’t you? This is one that will cool you off and gross you out all at the same time. Here’s what you do.

Bring three boys and three girls up front and pair each boy with a girl. Now, set several tubs of ice cream and condiments in front of the girls that they will use to make a Banana Split. Make sure to include three flavors of ice cream, bananas, chocolate syrup, nuts, whip cream, and of course, some cherries.

Tell the crowd that the girls are going to make a banana split for their boy partner to eat, and the first team to successfully make and eat the banana split wins.

Here’s the catch. (Isn’t there always a catch?)

The girls have to make their partners’ banana splits using their bare feet! After the girls have taken off their socks and shoes, give them a countdown. The first team with every flavor of ice cream and condiment in the bowl…and then in the guy’s stomach, wins!

NOTE: Make sure the ice cream is fairly soft, else the game will flop because the girls won’t be able to get it out with their feet.

Idea by Steve
Back to Top Banana Stuff
Bring three guys to the front to see who can eat the most bananas in five minutes while blindfolded. As soon as one banana is peeled and eaten, the contestant will be handed another. Blindfold all three.

Instruct the crowd to cheer for their favorites, and then have associates silently remove two of the blindfolds and let the guys rejoin the crowd. Start the "contest" and keep the one guy stuffing down bananas as long as possible. When his blindfold is removed and he realizes he was the only one, it is hilarious.

Also see Barnyard (Click Here) and Dancing Musical Chairs (Click Here).
Back to Top Banana Surgery
This can either be played as an upfront game, or if you have a smaller group, you can have everyone play.

Have a team peel and cut up a banana into equal parts. (Don’t tell them what comes next until they're done.) Then tell them they must put the banana back together using pins, needles, tape, or whatever. The team with the best reconstructed banana wins.

If you do this with a big group, use a video feed to a big screen and time the "surgery" so it doesn't drag.

The point: Things taken apart (relationships, reputations, etc.) aren't as easily put back together.

Idea from Young Life

Also see Chocolate Tower (Click Here) and Tootsie Roll Sculpture (Click Here).
Back to Top Battle of the Generations
Note: This game works best with some sort of screen projection (a video projector is best, but even overhead projectors could work). If you don’t have access to a projector, no worries; you’ll just have to use questions without visuals.

This is a great "Up Front Game" for parents or adult leaders to square off against students. We did it with our adult leaders. A group of 4 students and 4 adult leaders (8 total) were chosen at the opening of our event. They came up on stage and were read the rules. Adult leader “A” would play against Student “A.” Adult leader “B” would square off against Student “B” and so on.

The game leader then reads a question to “Adult Leader A” that has to do with today’s generation. The adult leader must get it right, or risk a pie in the face. Let’s say the adult leader gets it right, the game leader would then read a question to “Student A” about the adult leader’s generation (usually the 70’s). The student must get it right or risk a pie in the face.

Now, let’s say that the adult leader gets the question wrong. The student squaring off against him MUST know the right answer to be able to pie the adult leader in the face. The same is true for the student. (This kind of operates like volleyball… you have to be in control to score.)

Here’s an example of how the game is played: One question the game leader asked “Student A” was, “What kind of jacket is pictured here?” (On the screen we had the ever-so-sought-after Member’s Only brand name jacket pictured.) “Student A” missed the question and was at risk of being pied in the face. However, “Adult Leader A” also missed the question, so nothing happened.

For the exact same competitors, the tables were turned. The game leader asked “Adult Leader A”, “Exactly which game console is pictured here?” (On the screen we had a Nintendo 3DS pictured.) The adult leader did NOT know the answer, but the student did! The student gets to pie the adult leader, BUT NOT YET!!!

This process repeats for the other three competitors. A suggestion: save all of the pies until the end. If both “Adult Leader A” and “Student A” are supposed to get pied, you don’t want one of them to have to make a bathroom run in the middle of your game to get cleaned up enough to pie someone else in the face. Save all of the consequences for the end.

If you decide to develop your own questions, it’s fun to get some kids to help you develop them. Just make sure that it’s no one that will be involved playing the game.

Here are some suggestions for VISUAL QUESTIONS for each generation:
    1. Specifically, which game console is pictured here? (Nintendo 3DS)

    2. What is the name of this band? (Black Eyed Peas)

    3. What is the name of this comedian? (Borat)

    4. In IM or text messaging, BRB, PIR, and TTYL are each short for something. What? (Be Right Back, Parent in Room, and Talk To You Later… see for more examples)

    1. Who is this celebrity? (Goldie Hawn)

    2. What was the name of this TV show starring Tom Selleck? (Magnum PI)

    3. What is the name of this “hunk” from the early 80’s? (Scott Baio)

    4. What brand name jacket is pictured here? (Member’s Only)
If you don’t have a projector, here are some suggestions for NON-VISUAL QUESTIONS for each generation:
    1. What is the name of the squirrel on Sponge Bob Square Pants (Sandy)

    2. What is the actor's name who stars as Peeta in the movie "The Hunger Games"? (Josh Hutcherson)

    3. What is the title of the most recent "Twilight" movie released?

    4. In the movie Napoleon Dynamite, where does the Nurse keep her Chapsticks? (in her top drawer)

    1. What fast food company ran the commercial with the old lady yelling WHERE’S THE BEEF? (Wendy’s)

    2. According to the song by Tommy Tutone in 1982, what is Jenny’s phone # (867-5309)

    3. Ginger, Professor, and MaryAnn all could be found on…? (Gilligan’s Island)

    4. What 80’s fashion style am I describing? “Business in the front, party in the back.” (the Mullet)
  • You might want to design your questions for the age group of the adults that will be playing. The above questions are geared toward someone born in the 1960’s or 1970’s.

  • I don’t know why, but in most crowds you’ll have a few people that love to yell out the answers. Warn the crowd not to do it. I usually set the stage for a kid to be embarrassed if he decides to yell out something. I might do this by saying, “Now every time we play this game, we have people that try to prove their intelligence by yelling out answers. Guess what? The questions are easy! So you aren’t proving anything by yelling it out. So don’t!” Then let the crowd know that if they yell out the answers, they will lose points.

Back to Top Battle of The Sexes
Same concept as Battle of the Generations, but between boys and girls. (Great game to use on a Valentine’s Day event.)

  1. What does the SS stand for on the front grill of this Chevrolet Camaro? (Super Sport)

  2. What kind of screwdriver and screw head is pictured here? (Philips Head Screwdriver or Philips Head Screw)

  3. What NBA sensation is pictured here? (Labrone James)

  4. These rectangles at home plate have a specific name. What is their specific name? (Batter’s Box)

  1. What famous movie does this quote come from: “You had me at hello.” (Jerry McGuire)

  2. What particular brand name is this handbag? (Louis Vuitton)

  3. What is the real name of this actor who stars on the show The OC? (Adam Brody)

  4. What member of the bridal party is responsible for planning the bridal shower? (The Maid of Honor)
Back to Top Battle of the Sexes-PowerPoint
Want a great UP FRONT game that will get all your students involved? All you need are a few contestants from both genders, a video projector, and a whole lot of smack talk!

Prior to the start of your program, load the BATTLE OF THE SEXES PowerPoint (click here to download) onto your computer…and test it! Then, when you’re ready to start the game, invite 5 girls and 5 guys forward to compete. You’ll need to tell the audience to remain quiet, and not shout out the answers.

We’ve designed the PowerPoint so that there is a title slide, and then a question for a guy, a question for a girl, a question for a guy, a question for a girl, and so on. (Each of the five guys will get one question, and so will each of the girls.)

Starting with the first guy, show him the first picture, (Slide #2: latte) and allow him 10 seconds to answer it. If he gets it right, the guys get a point. If he guesses incorrectly, or not at all, any of the competing girls get a chance to “steal” it for a point.

After the first guy’s question, show the first girl’s question (Slide #3: rubgy). Same rules; she has 10 seconds to try and answer. If she cannot do so correctly, the guys can huddle up and answer it for a point.

Continue this way through all the slides. The team with the most points wins. They should get a prize of some sort, ALONG WITH the admission from the losing team that the OTHER gender is better!

Have fun!

(By the way, if you need a tie breaker, we’ve provided one of those as well. If not, just skip over it. But if it comes down to a tie breaker, simply say, “We’ve got one more picture for you. When you see it on the screen, the first team to shout out the correct answer gets the winning point.” Then show them Slide #12.)

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS: (Just print these off if you need them)
Slide #1 is a title slide
Slide #2 is a latte
Slide #3 is rugby
Slide #4 is Dooney and Bourke
Slide #5 is a torque wrench
Slide #6 is a pumice stone
Slide #7 is beef jerky (Jack Links)
Slide #8 Tim Gunn
Slide #9 John Cena
Slide #10 is emerald cut
Slide #11 is Deadliest Catch
Slide #12 (tie breaker) is a MockingJay
Slide #13 is another title slide

Idea by Jon Forrest
Back to Top Bear Hunt
Advertise a “bear hunt” for your next group time. Get everyone excited. Here’s how you play it.

Bring 4 girls up front and tell them they are going bear hunting. Bring out 4 bowls that are filled with lots of whipped cream and a few gummi bears throughout.

When the leader says GO, the 4 girls must find the gummi bears hidden/buried in the whipped cream using only their FACE! No hands.

The girl who finds the most gummi bears in the allotted time, wins. Make sure she gets a great prize!
Back to Top Beat til Bang!
This is a great game to film for later advertisement for your Youth Ministry. Let’s face it; every person on Earth likes to hit people with those Nerf-like pool noodles. This game allows your students to take their pent up Algebra frustrations out on each other in a very funny way.

Supplies Needed:
You will need cheap goggles, 4-6 noodles, 8-10 balloons FILLED WITH SHAVING CREAM, and some high quality tape (like duct tape).

Preparation Before the Game:
Take the 8-10 balloons and blow them up really, really big. The bigger they are, the more stretched they are. The more stretched they are, the quicker the game goes. When you have the balloons inflated squirt some shaving cream into them. (Don’t make them too heavy!) Tie them off and duct tape them to the end of a noodle. One balloon per noodle is quite sufficient!

Here's How to Play:
Have 2 people compete against each other at a time. They face each other and stand about 5 feet apart (so that when they swing the noodles at each other, their hands and arms do not hit the other person).

NOTE: If there is any way you can safely put these wildly swinging people OUT IN THE CROWD area, do it!

On your mark, start some loud music and let the contestants start swinging at each other. Have the crowd cheer them on. The winner is the person who pops his/her balloon on the other person first.
Here is the deal though... if you have really blown those balloons up, and added the shaving cream, the entire crowd is in for a surprise. Usually, the first three rows of students get covered in the shaving cream as well!

A Few Things to Remember:
  • Have EXTRA balloons pre-filled for this game. That way if one pops while you are explaining the rules, you have a very quick back up.

  • No need to worry--shaving cream does not stain the carpet or sour like whipped cream.

  • Have all of the noodles prepared ahead of time so that the game moves quickly. The option of filming obviously requires a video camera, but capturing the crowd’s reaction during the first explosion provides priceless video footage.
Back to Top Beautiful Boys
Pick six girls and put them in pairs. Then have each pair pick a boy. Ahead of time, buy cheap makeup, hair clips, clip-on earrings, necklaces, etc. (from Wal-Mart or dollar store). Put it all out on a tray or table. Give the girls two minutes to make up the guy, then have the group vote on the best looker. Take great blackmail pictures for later.

Added by Janet Martin

Also see Beauty Both Ways (Click Here) & Face Decorating (Click Here).
Back to Top Beauty Both Ways
Also called "What Goes Around Comes Around"

Great for wacky game nights or lock-ins. This game requires shaving cream, a spoon, female hair products (bows, clips, hairspray), and chairs to sit in.

Start with the girls sitting. Assign a boy with hair to each girl. Have the boys "shave" the girl's face with shaving cream and a spoon in under 1 minute. After the time is up, let the girls wash off.

Next the boys sit down. The girls get 5 minutes to do as much with the boys hair as they want, besides cutting it. The boys are to stay in braids, curls, whatever for the rest of the night, or until the youth pastor lets them take them out..

Added by Jon Vandivere

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Back to Top Best Pick-Up Line Challenge
In front of everyone set up 3 chairs side by side. Then place a sheet over them claiming you're making a couch (the sheet must cover all three chairs). Then ask for guys who think they have the best pick up lines. Send the guys out of the room with an adult staff-member saying they can go practice their pick up line, and that they will have to run their pick up line by the staff member to make sure they're appropriate.

Then remove the middle chair. If you have a piece of masking tape between the two chairs, one piece at the tops of the chairs and one piece at the edge of the seats, it can help create the form of the couch beneath the blanket.

Ask 2 girls from your group to sit on the outer chairs to keep the sheet tight so it looks as if the middle chair is still there.

Before the guys come in the room instruct the ladies as the guys go to sit down, they need to stand up.

Invite one at a time each guy to sit in-between the two ladies and give them his pick up line. But as he goes to sit down, the ladies will stand up and he'll fall through. The game is very entertaining for the crowd. After everyone has a good laugh, make sure the boy rejoins the rest of the crowd and keeps silent.

Added by J.J. Beyronneau

(Click Here).
Back to Top Best Tarzan Yell
You know what’s not fair at all? The fact that Tarzan doesn’t get anywhere near the hype and glamour that other heroes get. Could the Hulk swing from tree to tree on a vine? Could Superman control whole animal populations with his mind? Would Batman look good in nothing but a leather loin cloth? No, no, and no! So, here’s a game in honor of the hero who is the real king of the jungle.

Bring 2- 4 kids up front to the stage with you. Making sure the audience can hear you, ask the participants if they are familiar with Tarzan. They will probably say yes, but take a second to describe him anyway. Tell them what he looked like, what he wore, what he did, describe his powers, and then, mention the fact that he had a patented Tarzan yell. DON’T DO IT; just say that he had one. Ask them if they know how it went, but don’t let them practice it at all.

Next, explain that you will give each of them one shot to give their best Tarzan yell in front of the crowd. They only get one chance to yell the Tarzan yell, and then the crowd will pick the winner.

Put the mic in front of the first student’s face and let him/her belt it out. Then give the others a turn, one at a time. Before letting the crowd pick the winner, you may want to play the actual sound effect over the PA system. Make sure to have a “swinging” good prize for the winner.
Back to Top Better Know A Leader
This up front game gets its title from “The Colbert Report” but is loosely based off of the new TV game “Identity.” It is simple to play, provided you have a few “interesting” staff or adult leaders in your ministry.
A few days in advance of your program, put out a call to all staff, volunteers, or adult leaders asking for weird, shocking, unique, or “no-way” stories, experiences, jobs, etc. The 5 or so people selected need to have a “teen-friendly” story or experience to share and need to be known by your students (at least to a small degree). Also, the story/experience MUST be true.
When it comes time to play the game, call your adult leaders/staff/volunteers forward that you have selected prior to the night. Ask them to line up across the front and face the student crowd. Have a name tag on each leader (or if technology provides, their faces and names on the projectors). One by one, read off the stories/experiences that the adults have submitted to you. DO NOT REVEAL WHOSE STORY IT IS!
Then call on one student from the crowd and bring her up. Ask her to match the story to the adult leader/volunteer. If she gets 3 out of 5, she gets a prize. If you want, you can call up 2 students and have them guess. (For obvious reasons, you cannot reveal the answers until BOTH students have tried to match the story to the leader.)
The night we did it, we had one leader (now in his 70’s) reveal he is a mountain climber! We found out that we have a former Rolling Stones roadie in our midst. We also have a female leader who met James Brown at a funeral. These are the kinds of stories/experiences you are looking for. The more “out there” the story, the better.
Here is why this game is so great: it lets your students get a better feel of who their adult leaders are. Also, it highlights the leaders for once, instead of always letting the students be in the center of attention. Lastly, if you program it right, you can spur some GREAT dialogue between your leaders and students if you give enough time at the end of the night for students to talk to leaders about their stories. “No kidding, you once jumped out of an airplane and accidentally landed in the middle of the football stadium?” This had our students talking for weeks about who their adult leaders were. Enjoy!

Back to Top Blend-O-Rama
Up front and entertaining. Find four students who have strong stomachs--the type who claim they'll do anything!

Place four blenders on a table on stage or up front. Have 20 different edible items placed in 4 different lunch bags. Number the lunch bags 1-4.

Interview each student, asking them their school, their birthday and their favorite food. Keep note of who is the oldest in the group. Then tell the oldest that they get to go first, then the next oldest, and so on until the youngest. Have them each pick the bag that they will blend.

Put whatever's in the bag into the blender, Do this until all the bags have been picked. Make sure that one of the items in each bag is a liquid so that it will blend well. Once everything is blended, pour into a cup and have them all drink it down. Whoever finishes their cup first wins.

Great blending materials:
baby food
chocolate syrup
a can of Soda
frozen veggies

Be creative!

Added by Jackie

Also see Choice Combos (Click Here) and Happy Shake (Click Here).
Back to Top Blind Feeders
Call up between 4 and 10 volunteers (depending on the size of your group) to make two-person teams. Have an apron (or garbage bag with a hole cut out for the head) and one chair for each team. The person standing behind the chair puts on a blindfold. The person sitting puts on an apron and places hands on hips. The person standing threads their arms under the seated person’s armpits.

Place a bowl in one hand of the blindfolded teen and a spoon in the other. They will feed their partner (ice cream, mousse, Jello, etc.). The first team finished to the best of their ability wins! Or, you may award prizes for the messiest eaters, cleanest eaters, or the one that got the most into their partner’s mouth, etc.

Added by Amanda in Australia

Also see Banana Splits in the Mouth (Click Here).
Back to Top Blind Toy Master
Get 3 toddler toys that have all different shapes which have to fit through the right holes in order to get inside. Blindfold 3 volunteers and have them race to see who can finish the quickest.

Challenge: Put all the pieces in one big pile.

Added by Young Life

Also see Blinded by Money (Click Here).
Back to Top Blindfolded Banana Feed
Get several guy-girl teams to take turns feeding each other bananas while all are blind folded. First let boys feed girls. Then get girls to feed boys, but first take off the girls' blindfolds. Boys get it in the ear!

Added by Young Life

Also see Bobbing for Bananas (Click Here) and Blindfolded Sit-up (Click Here).
Back to Top Blindfolded Sit-Up
Pretend to try and convince 3 people that they can’t do a blindfolded sit-up. The first 2 are in on it. One at a time, they strain but don’t do a sit-up. The third sits up into a cream pie (his face, that is).

Or, you can challenge them to do 10 sit-ups in 10 seconds, five of them with their eyes closed.

Added by Young Life

Also see Blindfolded Banana Feed (Click Here).
Back to Top Blow Pop Challenge
Have 3 "volunteers" up front. Give them each a Blow Pop sucker. The first one to unwrap it, and bite into it, to the gum, and blow a bubble wins.

Also see Bubble Gum Sculpture (Click Here) and Chewing Gum Contest (Click Here).
Back to Top Board Lift
For this upfront game you need a blindfold and a 2x10 board at least 3 to 4 feet long – strong enough to support someone's weight. Point: Trust and/or Things aren't always what they seem.

Have two informed strong leaders on either side of the board they are going to "lift" with someone standing on it. Have several informed 'spotters' as well that can catch them any way they would stumble. Then, select three players who don't have a fear of heights and have them escorted out of the room.

Have your first player escorted back in. Tell them the object of this game is to see who can stand on the board longest as the guys lift it up a little at a time. This is a “test of bravery.” But assure them that they are going to have one (or both) hands on your shoulders as they are lifted up on the board. Now blindfold your victim. In actuality, the board holders aren't going to lift the board more than six inches off the ground. By virtue of person's weight they will naturally move and ‘shift' the board a little. You (or the game leader) will begin to kneel down slowly till they almost can't really touch your shoulders. At that point the person really thinks they are going up in the air! Have your spotters play it up to the crowd and motion them to cheer and react as though the board is being lifted up high. Then have your two guys tip the board over so the person falls off. They think they're falling 5 feet when it's only 5". Clap for that player, excuse them back to their seat, and go on to your next victim…er, player.

Added by Travis

See Trust Circle (Click Here) and Trust Lift (Click Here).
Back to Top Board Walk
Use a stopwatch or watch with seconds hand for this competition. Secure a 2X4, about 16 feet long, on top of a few cement blocks (not too high; you don't want a law suit!). Tie several football flags to the 2x4. Have the students walk across it, reach down and pull off as many flags as they can, while being sprayed from all sides with super soakers. If they fall off they are eliminated. The one to walk across the quickest and with the most flags wins.

from Fear Factor/Faith Factor on our EVENT IDEAS page (CLICK HERE)

The Point: It is difficult to walk steadily, focused on the tasks at hand, if we allow the things around us to distract us.
Back to Top Bobbing For Apples in Baked Beans
Great camp/retreat game! As disgusting as it sounds.

The game is exactly what it sounds like. You get a huge bucket/bin filled with baked beans and have apples "floating" around in it. The kids bob for the apples. It's great.

Make sure you have plenty of clean-up towels. You may be able to get the beans donated and you may want to have swim goggles and ear plugs. For this game recruit brave, gross-proof students ahead of time.

Added by Young Life

Also see Bobbing For Caramel Apples (Click Here).
Back to Top Bobbing For Apples, Ping-Pongs, and Golf Balls
Pull up 3 guys and have a large fish tank (wider is better than deeper). Explain that it is time to play "Bobbing for Apples (name of your youth ministry) Style"! Instead of just apples put in ping-pong balls, small apples (like crab apples), and golf balls.

Explain that the ping pong balls are worth 1,000 points, the apples 2,000 points, and the golf balls 3,000 points. They will be blindfolded and have 30 seconds to 60 seconds each to get as many points a possible. (A great camp/convention promotion would be to put a $25 scholarship on the line.) The visual on this one is hysterical. If your tank is big enough you may even try two at a time.

Other unusual things to "bob" for: oranges, hot dogs, pickles, eggs, etc.

Added by Young Life

Also see Bobbing for Bananas (Click Here) and Bobbing for Caramel Apples (Click Here).
Back to Top Bobbing For Bananas
This game works best in a church with a baptistry that you've filled with milk and the bananas are sunk at the bottom 4 feet down! (I was young when I did this, so don't email me if you're offended by this!)

You can use a bathtub or one of those bigger baby pools too, but a 4 foot baptistry is best! (Use powdered milk to save money.)

We had a camera at the entrance to the baptistry, interviewing each "bobber" as they disappeared into the 50 gallon tank for what seemed like minutes before emerging with a banana in their mouth.

Great fun - I did it in 1988, and they're still talking about it!

Also see Bobbing for Apples in Baked Beans (Click Here).
Back to Top Bobbing For Caramel Apples
Played like Bobbing for Apples, only you put caramel apples in the container instead. A sticky and fun mess!

Added by Angela Nuckles

Also see Caramel Apple Fest (Click Here), Caramel Apples on a String (Click Here).
Back to Top Bobbing For Marshmallows
This game begins just like the regular Bobbing for Apples. However, immediately after bobbing for apples, the person bobs for marshmallows in a bowl of flour. The results are messy, so make sure the floor is covered with plastic for quick and easy clean up.

Added by Nate

Also see Bobbing For Worms (Click Here) and Marshmallow Drop (Click Here).
Back to Top Bobbing For Spam
Small groups - all can play.
Large group - upfront game.

Fill up a large bucket with water, drop in a few large chunks of Spam. The rest is like "Bobbing for Apples" (just not with apples).

For more fun with Spam, also check out Spam Scarf (Click Here).
Back to Top Bobbing For Toast
For three teams, you will need:
a kiddie pool
5-10 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
3 swimming caps
3 jars of creamy peanut butter.

Pour out the cereal into the kiddie pool. Have the smallest member of each team put on a swim cap. Pick 2 other team members that will be able to pick the smallest member up by the legs and hold upside-down. Have those two members spread the peanut butter on the swimming cap.

When everyone is ready, count down from 5 and have each team try to get as many pieces of Cinnamon Toast Crunch stuck to the swim cap as they possibly can.

Optional: You can actually count the pieces of cereal or you can judge just by team cheering! Have Fun!

Adam Rentas

If this isn't gross enough, see Bobbing for Apples in Baked Beans (Click Here).
Back to Top Bobbing For Worms
Outdoor or indoor (lay tarp if inside). Similar to Bobbing for Apples, only with gummy worms in a kiddie swimming pool.

Fill the kiddie pool with water. Add one bag of gummy worms, which will sink to the bottom.

Have volunteers take turns at bobbing for the worms. The person who can get and keep the most worms in their mouth during their one minute try time wins. You can have the youth wear goggles to protect eyes.

Play "aqua" music in the background - think, Little Mermaid, Little Nemo, etc.

Added by Jodie

("Winning" music is a nice touch in the background when you announce the winner; think Olympics, etc.)

Also see Gummy Worms/Chocolate Pudding (Click Here).
Back to Top Bologna Toss
Pick 2 or 3 groups of 2 students each (4-6 kids total). Have them come up front and pair off. Hand each team a piece of bologna. Make them stand 8 feet apart.
The first person tosses the bologna to his/her teammate. They must catch it, take a bite from it, and then toss it back to their teammate AFTER TAKING ONE STEP BACKWARD. (This way, the game continues to get harder.)

If a person on the team drops the bologna, they have to pick it up, wipe it off, and continue. The first team to eat all of their bologna wins.
Back to Top Bologna Artists
Remember cutting out "snowflakes" from folded paper in kindergarten? Well this challenge takes on that same idea only using a piece of bologna instead of paper and using only your teeth instead of scissors!
During the holiday season, we introduced this challenge to our midweek crowd. We invite 4 "artists" to come up front. We are a smaller group (15-20 teens weekly) so everyone can see what's going on pretty well.
Each artist is given a piece of bologna. I suggest using a "thick" piece of bologna. (if you personally know a butcher, my dad owns a meat market, have them cut the pieces of bologna thicker for you - it keeps the finally design held together better!)

Each artist has 1 minute to create a snowflake design out of their piece of bologna.

After the time limit is up, the crowd votes on the best "bologna snowflake". It's really funny to see the faces of those who are biting off pieces of bologna...some like it and eat it and some gag and well you know what happens...

It's a lot of fun to watch and the kids want to do it every winter holiday season. And, heh, you'd be surprised what kind of artists you have in your crowd!

Added by Kim McNamar
Back to Top Boo!
Seven students, alternating guy, girl, etc., line up, side by side, with informed female student at the end. Have them face sideways, then turn and say, “Boo!” to the next person after the person on the other side has said, “Boo!” to them. Next, they “Boo!” each other back down the line again (going the other direction).

The third time the leader behind the informed girl gives her a pie behind her back. She pies the guy in front of her when he turns around to “Boo” her. Be sure to choose a good sport to get pied and have a towel handy.

Also see Cheeky, Cheeky (Click Here) and Flower (Flour) Girl (Click Here).
Back to Top Brother and Sister
Like the old tv game show, "The Newlywed Game," only with siblings.

The Point: Just because you're related to someone doesn't mean you know them. Relationships take effort no matter if you're related or not!

Get several sets of siblings to play this game- see which siblings know each other the best. (select siblings that can be a good sport and won't mind answering the below questions.) A brother and sister couple must work together to score the highest points possible to win. The brother is sent out of the room and the sister answers a series of questions about her brother. She records her answers on a large sheet of paper.

When the brother returns, he sits in a chair with his sister standing behind him holding up her written answers. If their answers match, the couple gets a point. (Remember: when you ask the brother the questions that you asked the sister, ask them like this: "1. What did your sister say was the dumbest thing you . . .")

Repeat this process by sending the sister out of the room and asking the brother to answer questions. Tally the scores and award the prize. Their answers are usually hilarious.

Questions to the sister about her brother:
What is the dumbest thing your brother has ever done?
What is his favorite food?
What do you dislike most about your brother?
Describe your brother in one word.
What is the meanest thing he has ever done to you?
What does he spend most of his time thinking about?
If you had one wish, what would you wish about your brother?
What is his favorite TV program?
How often does he take a bath?

Question to the brother about his sister:
What does your sister spend most of her time doing?
If you were your sister, what would you change about yourself first?
About how many arguments do you have with her each week?
Who obeys your mom and dad best, you or your sister?
Which celebrity does your sister have a crush on?
What animal is your sister most like?
What is your sister's favorite subject?
How long does she talk on the phone each day?
Who is your sister's best friend?

Idea from Young Life

Also see Family Feud (Click Here).
Back to Top Bubble Gum Sculpture
Materials: bubble gum and a towel or two

This can be played as an up-front game or, with smaller groups, everyone can play.

Divide your group into groups of 4 or 5. Ask for two very brave volunteers out of each group (don't tell them what they're volunteering for). Give them a plate or flat dish (we used cookie sheets). Give the rest of the groups the bubble gum, and tell them to chew as quickly as possible. Have them chew it only until it is soft, and then give it to the volunteers in their group, and start chewing the next piece. As the group is chewing, the volunteers need to be working on their sculpture. Set a time limit, say 10 minutes, and give them creative ideas of what to make- such as pizza, turtle, etc., but it has to be something difficult. When the gum chewers are through, have them step back and watch. Have someone judge the sculptures. We gave a prize (a Christian CD) to each of our winning volunteers, since they were so brave!

Note: Instead of regular stick gum- such as Wrigly's, I would suggest using larger gum drops- such as Bazooka. {It's much easier to work with!} Keep it cheap, because you'll want to buy enough!

Submitted by Rebecca Sapp aka Zgrrl

Also see Blow Pop Challenge (Click Here) and Tootsie Roll Sculpture (Click Here).
Back to Top Build Your Own Snowman
Can be played up-front with audience watching or in teams with the whole group playing.

For each contestant have a bag full of assorted snowman accessories such as a hat, scarf, mittens, a carrot etc. and a pair of safety goggles, a can of shaving cream and a set of clothes to go over their clothes for protection. Each team has a designated amount of time to use the shaving cream to cover their "snowman" (the contestant) and put all of the accessories on. The team to make the nicest looking snowman wins.

Lay tarp down and have towels handy.

Added by Tina Ogle
Back to Top Butt Charades
Cut up slips of paper with words on them and put them into a bag. Break up your audience or group into two teams. Get a volunteer from each team to spell the word he/she took out of the bag by moving their hips (spelling the words with thier butts!). (Make sure they do not say a word to give away clues.) If their team (or their side of the audience) does not figure out the word after two spellings, the other team gets to guess.

Make it interesting by the words you choose, try to keep it clean. We don't want any dirty butts!
Back to Top Cake Head
This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches. Mix a cake on the head – yes, directly on the head - of a brave volunteer who will be a good sport if their hair gets messed up. Just dump it all on their head. Use cake mix, eggs, water, oil, and icing. Mmm, yummy! Lathers up good, too!

The Point: This can also be used as an illustration for a talk about faith and deeds. Without Christ as the foundation of a life, we can have all the right ingredients in our lives (church, Bible study, Christian friends, etc.), but they won't matter. If we don't have the right foundation, all that great stuff is useless.

Added by Elise Hawke

Also see Human Sundae (Click Here).
Back to Top Candle Blow/Ginger Ale Drink
Two people sitting very close (knee to knee) in chairs facing each other compete to drink a full container of Ginger Ale. They have a candle (which they can never let go of) in their left hand resting on their left knee, and a lighter and a Ginger Ale in front of them. They may only drink the Ginger Ale when the candle is lit.

They may blow out the other person's candle but they cannot touch any of the other person's supplies. The winner is the person who can finish their Ginger Ale first when their candle is lit.

If you move your candle off your left knee, you lose!
If you touch the other person's candle, you lose!
If you touch the other person's Ginger Ale, you lose!
If you touch the other person's lighter, you lose!
If you spit your Ginger Ale, you lose!

For safety, you want slow-burning candles, and perhaps a guard that catches the melted wax so it's not dripping onto the student's hand or knee.
Back to Top Caramel Apple Fest
Have a contest between several students, eating a hanging caramel apple blindfolded. The object is to see who could get done first! For a fun twist, give one of the kids or leaders a caramel ONION instead of an apple!

Added by Naomi

Also see Bobbing for Caramel Apples (Click Here).
For a twist in the game, see Caramel Apples on a String (Click Here).
Back to Top Caramel Apples On A String
This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches. Choose a student from each class. Tie caramel apples to a string tied to a broom handle and get someone to hold it for each student. They race to see which one can eat the apple the fastest. Fake starting and stop once to add chocolate syrup, then again to add whipped cream and last to blindfold the contestants.

Added by Young Life

Also see Caramel Apple Fest (Click Here) and Bobbing for Caramel Apples (Click Here).
Back to Top Cardboard 500, The
This is a relay racing game that pits two teams against one another. Choose two teams with an equal amount of players. Each team must have a durable piece of cardboard, that is the EXACT SAME SIZE!

Put a starting line and finish line on the floor. Have both teams line up at the starting line, facing the finish line.
The goal of the game is to be the team with all of your members on the other side of the finish line, first. The first person from each team uses the cardboard as a sled and pulls the second person from the starting line to the finish line. Then the second person runs back to the starting line with the cardboard and pulls the third person to the finish line. This repeats until all players have been moved to the finish line.

If a student falls off between the starting line and the finish line, he/she must return to the starting line.

First team with ALL students across the finish line wins! Have the crowd cheer them on!
Back to Top Celebrity Impersonations
This up front game pits students against adult leaders to see who has the best impersonation skills. You can choose the students as they walk in and register at your event. For the students who are up for the challenge, have a picture and short bio of the character or celebrity they will be acting out. You need to coordinate with the adult leaders beforehand as well. For this type of game’s participants, think RAGING EXTROVERTS!

The fun, of course, is choosing some female students and leaders to portray male celebrities/characters, and vice versa. We prepared slides to flash on the video projection screens of the characters/celebrities, but that is not necessary. Try to have the final contestant (whether student or adult leader) impersonate the Youth Pastor. If you can do so without his or her knowledge, it makes it all the more fun.
Get the crowd to cheer them on and decide the winner by applause.
Back to Top Cell Phone Challenge
Have someone hidden in the crowd with a cell phone on. Have another phone up front with the number for the other one programmed in it. Bring up a kid from the audience, dial the other phone, hand him the phone and tell him to find the other one as fast as he can.

Hints: Test the room to make sure that cell phones work. Also, most cell phones will only ring four times and then will go to voice mail . . . so tell the kid to hit end and send again every four rings!

See Cell Phone Pizza Challenge (Click Here).
Back to Top Cell Phone Pizza Challenge
Find two local pizza places that deliver. During the beginning of the evening, divide the crowd in two and bring up a representative from each side. Hand each representative a cell phone and phone # of two competing pizza places. Have them each order a large pizza, tell the delivery person the situation, and that there's a $20 tip for the one that arrives first. Clearly announce to the crowd which pizza place is coming for each team.

As you are continuing your program, one side of the room will erupt into applause when a pizza driver comes in representing their side of the room. (Olympic or Rocky theme music is a plus!)

Interview the deliverer and give him the $20 tip in front of the crowd. (You can then have up front games lined up where winners get a piece of pizza.)

See also Cell Phone Challenge (Click Here).
Back to Top Ceral Box Championship
This is a really easy game to play that is usually good for some laughs. Here’s how you do it.

Get the word out about this game to your students via email, text message, IM, phone calls, etc. (Text message works the best!) Tell them that all they have to do to win a great gift certificate (or CD, etc) is to bring in a prize/toy from a cereal box and present it to the judges.

On the night your youth group meets, have a panel of judges in place. Ask for 3-5 students who have brought in a cereal box prize/toy to bring it forward at this time.

They must show it to the panel of judges and to the entire crowd and explain why it is THE BEST prize for the night! They can say anything (true or untrue, doesn’t matter) as long as they keep it clean. They can make up ANYTHING about their prize/toy.

Allow the judges to vote on who has the best prize. (Give the crowd a chance to vote as well!) Give the winner the gift certificate or whatever you have chosen as the prize.
Back to Top Cereal Killer
You will need 1 box of cereal, 1/2 gallon of milk, a bowl large enough to fit an entire box of cereal, and 5 spoons for each team. Put 5 students on one team and 5 different students on another team.

Have all ten students come up, grab a spoon, and circle their bowl. Pour the ½ gallon of milk and the full box cereal into each team’s bowl. When the game leader says go, the contestants will have three minutes to eat as much cereal as possible. There must be absolutely NO spillage, because if the bowls are not emptied after three minutes they will be weighed for rankings.

If you don't have a small accurate scale, you can let the leaders rank what is left in the bowls.

Tip: there is absolutely no way to avoid spilling, so let them know that you will weigh the paper towels used to clean up their mess along with their leftover cereal.

Also make sure each team has the same type of bowl and cereal to avoid controversy.

This game is great; the spoons leave about 10 seconds into the game, and they start shoveling it in with their hands.
Back to Top Cereal Mania
5 games that all involve cereal:

  1. Snoot Shoot
    The youth shoot Trix, Kix, or Cocoa Puffs out of their noses. The team whose Puff goes the farthest wins. Chariots of Fire or Rocky theme adds cheesiness.

  2. Rice Krispy Marble Dig
    Fill a small swimming pool full of Rice Krispies & marbles. Add water (milk is better, use the powdered kind to save $$$). A representative from each team takes off their shoes and socks and digs the marbles out with their toes.

  3. Cereal Art
    Give each team various kinds of cereal, glue, paper, and scissors. No leaders are allowed to help. Tell students the only rule: BE CREATIVE! Fun photo op here. Leaders may judge.

  4. Shredded Wheat Toss
    This involves two representatives from each team playing. One is at one end of the room holding an upright bucket on their head. The other is at the other end with a bucket of water and boxes of Large Shredded Wheat. The representatives dunk the shredded wheat one by one and then attempt to throw them across the room in the buckets on their team member's head.

  5. Cereal Eating Relay
    Five members from each team line up. One at a time they race to a table where they fix themselves a bowl of cereal and eat it, go back, and tag the next team member.

    *A Young Life Extra: Cereal Box Puzzle
    Cut off the front panel of several cereal boxes — one for each group you've formed. Then cut up each panel into puzzle shapes- one for each person in the group. Mix together all the pieces and give one to each person and have them compete to find their cereal.

Also see Cereal Box Puzzle (Click Here) Snoot Shoot, featuring jelly beans (Click Here).

Added by Jason Huddleston
Back to Top Chariot Race
If you have a large group (say, 200 people), just select a few groups of 4 kids to do this chariot race in front of everyone else. If you have a small group, you might want to let everyone do it. For example, if you only have 15 kids, use 3 teams of 5.

Each group gets a large blanket. Each team lines up at the starting line. Two of the youth on each team are holding onto front corners of the blanket. One youth is sitting on the other end of the blanket, soon to be hanging on for dear life. At the signal, the teams race around a designated course (a large oval works well), the 2 youth in front acting as horses and the blanket acting as a chariot.

The race consists of three laps. At the end of each lap, the youth rotate, so one of the people riding now pulls, and one of the pullers now rides. 3 laps allows each person to ride once and pull twice. If a rider is thrown from his chariot, the team must stop until the rider is firmly reseated. Can be played inside on carpet and outside on the grass.

Added by Joshua Ellis

Variation: Chariot Basketball Relay
Line up all the students in 2 teams. On each team pair students up to run the
relay. On "Go" the first two pairs race toward the basket. One student pulls the other student on a blanket. The rider has one shot to make a basket. The pairs switch places and race back to the start of the line and tag the next pair on their team. The team with the most baskets at the end of the time limit wins.

Added by Jason Dougherty

Also see Chariot Race: Australian Style (Click Here) and Indoor Bobsledding (Click Here).
Back to Top Cheeky, Cheeky
Bring up 6-7 kids - guy, girl alternating with a girl at the end (all are in on it beforehand except for the last guy before the last girl). Standing in line always facing the audience, they quickly relay down the line “cheeky, cheeky" (they say it as they squeeze the other person’s cheek between their forefinger and thumb).

Tell them that when receiving the “cheeky, cheeky" they must close their eyes like they would if grandma was doing it, then quickly turn to the next person. Do it over and over, faster and faster, but the last girl each time has lipstick on her fingers and is decorating the face of the guy next to her without him knowing it! He looks goofier each time (make sure it’s a secure guy who can handle it).

The girl may need to practice; if it doesn’t work it’s usually because the guy sees stuff on her hand or she leaves a big glob. Have a towel for him to clean up.

Added by Young Life

Also see Boo! (Click Here) & Flower (Flour) Girl (Click Here).
Back to Top Cheerio Face-Off
Items Needed: Cheerios (or generic substitute), soft butter or margarine, face cleanser, hand towels, card table

Choose one volunteer from each grade.
Spread Cheerios all over card table.
One volunteer covers their own face with butter and has ten seconds to stick Cheerios to face, without hands. Repeat with other three volunteers. Have another leader start counting the Cheerios stuck to face.

Take digital pics and show on screen afterward!

See also Attack of the Fish (Click Here), Whiteheads (Click Here), and Cheeto Face (Click Here).
Back to Top Cheeto Face
Arrange several pairs of students up front. One partner gets whipped cream spread (or sprayed) all over his or her face. The other partner stands back about 5 feet and throws Cheetos on the whipped creamed partner's face (they stick!) in a given amount of time. Whoever ends up with the most Cheetos on his or her face wins.

Added by Julie Ohara

See also Attack of the Fish (Click Here), Whiteheads (Click Here), and Chee-toes (Click Here).
Back to Top Chee-toes
Bring up three pairs of people. Have one person in each pair sit in a chair and take off one shoe and sock. Now have the other person in the team lay on the ground. Place a napkin next to them, with around 10 - 15 cheetos cheese snacks.

The object of the game is to have the person with the bare foot try to feed cheetos to the person lying on the ground by picking them up with their toes and putting them in the other person's mouth. The first team done wins a prize (whatever you want to give them.)

Tip: Have them put a rubber or latex glove on the bare foot (for sanitary purposes!)

Added by Jason Fullmore

Also see Cheeto Face (Click Here).
Back to Top Chewing Gum Contest
For this game you can use any number of upfront volunteers that you want, sticks of chewing gum, huge leather yardwork gloves, and shopping bags in front of each person.

Individual sticks of wrapped gum are placed inside the shopping bags, and each volunteer is given a pair of work gloves. The idea is to put on the gloves, pull a piece of gum out of the bag, unwrap it and chew it. You can make teams of two so that one must pass the gloves to their partner after they’re done.

Added by Young Life

Also see Blow Pop Challenge (Click Here), Bubble Gum Sculpture (Click Here) and Bubble Gum in Flour (Click Here).
Back to Top Chicken Pox Epidemic
Have the contestants "break-out" in chicken pox by covering their arms in washable red marker dots. Give each student a wad of band-aids, and the one who covers the most chicken pox spots in 3 minutes is the winner.

Added by Brooke

Also see Ibble Dibble (Click Here).
Back to Top Chocolate Drop
Prepare beforehand by spreading out plastic on your stage area. Find a place where everyone can see someone laying down.

Get several pairs of students to come up front. Have one partner lay down on the plastic and the other around the edge of the plastic. Have the "dropper" stand over the head of the partner with a small cup of chocolate syrup. The "dropper," standing straight up (no bending to get a better aim), dunks marshmallows into the chocolate syrup and with his or her arm straight out, drops it into the mouth of the person on the floor. Points are awarded by the number of marshmallows eaten.

Added by Michael Boyd
Back to Top Chocolate Tower
For this game you need a table, and 3 of each: volunteers, chairs, chocolate bars, blindfolds, and pairs of latex gloves.

1. Have contestants sit in a chair, the wrapped chocolate bars in front of them.

2. Explain that whoever unwraps the bar and builds a tower the fastest is the winner. The tower can be one on top of the other, a pyramid, criss-cross, or anything they think of.

3. Say, “On your mark, get set...” then interrupt by announcing that they must use latex gloves.

4. Once again, “On your mark, get set...”, and again interrupt by announcing that they must be blindfolded as well!

5. Now, you can start! The winner is the one done first.

If you have a smart-alec who begins to eat the chocolate, since he or she is blindfolded, slide the chocolate pieces out of the way!

Added by Danette Matty

Also see Banana Surgery (Click Here), Tootsie Roll Sculpture (Click Here), and Bubble Gum Sculpture (Click Here).
Back to Top Choice Combos
Introduce this gross game by saying you want 3 volunteers to test a new product: explain that Starbucks gives you lots of alternative drinks and Jamba Juice uses those cool huge blenders (if your area doesn’t have a Jamba Juice, you can refer to it or a similar store). If you combine these two, it will be a franchise called "Choices".

Before the meeting prepare 12 bags and set up a blender. Keep them covered with a sheet until it is time for the game. After the intro, uncover the bags and the blender.

1. Prepare a set of 4 bags for each kid, for a total of 12 bags in all.
2. On the outside of each bag, write a "choice". Let the kid decide which he wants.
3. Make the first bag for each kid be a choice of liquids. For example, offer the first student either coffee or tea, the second student, grape juice or orange juice, and the third, chocolate milk or strawberry milk.
4. After they have selected their "base", give them 3 more choices. Put it all in the blender and juice it up. Give it to them in a clear glass so the disgusting color is obvious.
5. No need to wash the blender between drinks, just pour out any extra. (Tell the kids the labor cost is really low for this product because you didn't have to wash the blender after each customer.)
5. Have each kid hold their drink until all 3 have had their drinks. Then they chug them down. The first kid to drink the whole glass (or last one not puking in some cases), wins.

I used stuff I had around the house or church kitchen for the 3 other choices. The two items in each group should be related and, in and of themselves, not disgusting. I did at one point ask the kid if he wanted cat food or dog food, but I then said, "just joking" and gave another choice. Here are some ideas:
a) ketchup or mustard
b) maple syrup or blueberry syrup
c) Thousand Island or Caesar salad dressing
d) sour cream or cottage cheese
e) jello or pudding
f) hot sauce or A-1 sauce
g) brown sugar or powdered sugar

Added by Kristin Clark

Also see Blend-O-Rama (Click Here).
Back to Top Christmas 12 Bags of Doom
This is a messy "thank you" or Christmas gift to your staff (or interns). Lay tarp down (a large vinyl table cloth works, too). Staff wear old clothes and get ready to be icky!

Students get to dump 12 items of gross stuff on the staff, one at a time. The twelve days of Christmas gives a nice outline for the event:

On the twelfth day of Christmas our students give to you (the interns).....

12 raw eggs
11 cups of oatmeal
10 squirts of syrup
9 cups of popcorn
8 squirts of green ketchup
7 cups of applesauce
6 bags of cornmeal
5 packages of swiss miss
4 frozen mixed vegetables
3 cans of whipped cream
2 cups of canola oil
1 betty crocker cake mix

A great gross event as long as you're not the dumpee....


Funny idea from Tonya Berry:
Have the group actually sing the song and dump each item every time a new item's added!

See Human Christmas Tree (Click Here) & Ten Bags of Doom! (Click Here).
Back to Top Christmas Poem Mad Lib
Read portions of the poem, “’Twas The Night Before Christmas” like a Mad Lib. Ask your audience for words (parts of speech). Use a grease board to write words on. Have a sharp student come up and read the new “poem”. FYI: You will need – total nouns, - plural nouns, - adjectives, - verbs, and 2 past tense verbs.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the (noun),
not a creature was stirring, not even a/an (noun).
The (plural noun) were tucked, all snug in their (plural noun),
while visions of (adjective) plums danced in their heads.
Then up on the (noun) there arose such a clatter.
I sprang from my (noun) to see what was the matter.
It was St. Nicholas with his little (adjective) belly,
That shook when he laughed like a bowl full of (plural noun).
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work
And filled all the (plural noun), then turned with a jerk.
And laying his (noun) aside of his nose
And giving a nod, up the (noun) he rose.
I heard him exclaim as he (past tense verb) out of sight,
“(adjective) Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Also see Christmas Carol Quiz (Click Here) Christmas Wish List (Click Here).
Back to Top Circle Dodge Duel
Have two volunteers face each other with one hand at their side. Tape a piece of paper cut into a circle (about 4-6 inches in diameter) on their back. Say "Go!", and each person will try to grab the other person's circle without getting theirs grabbed.

You may only use one hand to grab, the other hand must always remain at your side.
You may not block with your hand, you can only turn your body.

You can only grab for the circle; you cannot hit, push, bite, scratch, kick, maim, injure, head-butt, etc.

Also see Ankle Balloon Pop (Click Here).
Back to Top Clothespin Slime
Fill two kiddie pools with slime (mix flour, water, and green food coloring). Drop in a ton of clothespins. Have contestants pull clothespins out with their feet and pin them somewhere on themselves.

Use a tarp under the pools if indoors.

from Fear Factor/Faith Factor on our EVENT IDEAS page (CLICK HERE)
Back to Top Clothespins On Face
Get four students up front with many clothespins. They have one minute to put clothespins all over their face. The one with the most clothespins at the end of the designated time is the winner.

Also see Clothespin Bite Relay (Click Here) & Clothespin Mixer (Click Here).
Back to Top Cold Toe Dogs
Fill large bowls with freezing ice water. Add small round hot dog slices. Call three teams of two up front.

One player needs to sit in a chair with a bowl on the ground directly in front of them. The same player also needs to remove the shoe and sock from one of their feet. The second team member kneels down in front of the bowl.

The sitting player removes the hotdog slices from the freezing water with their foot and then the kneeling member removes the hotdogs only using their mouth.

Optional gross factor: The kneeling team member has to eat the hotdogs. We have even replaced the hotdogs with sardines or spam.

Added by Meri Clark

Also see Frozen Marbles (Click Here).
Back to Top Cookie Tower
Get teams of 3 or 4 people up front. Each team member is armed with cookies. (Gingersnaps are usually the best; Nilla Wafers work in a pinch.)

Within one minute, the team members must stack their cookies, one on top of the other, on one person’s forehead. The team with the most cookies stacked wins. (Try this with Starbursts, too.)

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Corn Shucking Race
You need several ears of corn. Select 3 volunteers to "shuck" an ear of corn using only their bare feet. No hands allowed. Put tarp down if indoors.

Whoever finishes first, or has done the best job within a given time is the winner. Award an appropriate prize, such as a bag of corn chips or corn nuts.

Idea from Young Life

Also see Cold Toe Dogs (Click Here).
Back to Top Cotton-ball Vaseline Race
Bring 2 guys and 2 girls up (or one student from each grade). Give each student a pile of cotton balls. They must move the pile to another location of your choice (could be next to them on the table or across the room in a bowl, etc.) by putting Vaseline on their noses and picking up the cotton balls with their noses. They may not use their hands. The first one to move all their cotton balls wins.
Back to Top Counting Game
This can either be played up front, with everyone watching, or as a group with everyone playing.

Have everyone in your group (or the people on stage) pair up and face each other. Each person holds up zero to ten fingers behind their back. On the count of three, have them pull their hands from behind their backs. The first person to yell out the correct sum of all the fingers wins. Do best two of three. Then bring the winners up front to play each other until you have a champion.

See also Counting Game Variation: The Math Game (Click Here).
Back to Top Counting Game Variation: The Math Game
Competitors hold just one hand behind their back, revealing the number of fingers at the signal. Whoever yells out the sum of the fingers wins the first round. For Round 2, multiply the fingers. Round 3 is the difference between the two numbers. Rotate through as many rounds as you want. For the left-brained at heart, the Championship Round has the two survivors (who you'll bring up front) square the total of the two sets of fingers. For example, Person A shows three fingers, Person B shows four, so the winning answer is 3+4 = 7 * 7=49

Added by Youth For Christ

See Counting Game (Click Here).
Back to Top Cowboy King
Get five or more guys to be blindfolded 'horses' and five girls to be riders. Riders will try to guide their horse to another horse and rider to "blast them!"

Here's how it works: After blindfolding the "horse," the rider puts a cup of ice (ammo), in the horse's mouth. The rider guides the horse by pulling on its ears. The only command they can yell is "FIRE." When this command is yelled, the horse spits the ice from its mouth and tries to hit an opponent. The rider then reloads her horse with ice. If a rider gets hit twice, she is out. If it is a hard floor have kneepads for guys. Play western music.

Also see Toilet Seat Toss (Click Here).
Back to Top CPW (Cotton Projectile War)
Divide into two teams and give each member a straw and a pile of Q-tips. One team member from each side sits on their side of the room on a chair with a paper cup on their head.

The object is to knock the opposite team's paper cup off the person's head by blowing the Q-tips through the straws. No blocking Q-tips by anyone during the battle.

If you have a huge group, you can have the room divided into quarters, giving you the capacity for four teams instead of two.

Also see Q-tip War (Click Here) and Q-tip & Food Coloring War (Click Here).
Back to Top Crab Walk
This one is for you crazy…I mean brave…youth leaders out there!

Put a large plastic tarp down on the ground and ask for 8 volunteers (girls work best here). Tell them they are merely going to race across the tarp; fastest one wins.

Line them up and say, “Ready, set, oh wait a minute! I forgot the most important part.” Have a couple of youth leaders (who are ALREADY prepared) scatter live crawdads or crabs down on the tarp. 15-20 is a good number to have. Then say, “Ready, set, go!” The 8 girls race all at once. Cut the slowest 4 girls from the competition.

Take the 4 fastest girls and bring them back to the starting line. Blindfold them and tell them that this is the championship round. The winner of this round gets a cool prize. They will each get a friend to help them navigate the crawdads/crabs. The friend must stand off to the side and yell directions to the contestant. Let them choose their friend/navigator.

After the 4 contestants are blindfolded, have several adult leaders VERY quickly remove the crawdads/crabs and replace them with pre-opened bags of Doritos. You will probably have to cover this process with some live music. (You can also distract the 4 contestants with crowd pumpers like, “Who thinks Ashley is gonna win!?”)

When everything is in place, say ready, set, go and watch the contestants hop, skip, and shriek their way across the tarp. After the game is over, let the 4 contestants in on the joke. Keep your word and give a cool prize to the winner.

NOTE: It is imperative that you not let the cat out of the bag concerning the “second round.” Use live music, some hype, and maybe even PowerPoint screens to give directions to the crowd.
Back to Top Cricket Spit
Go to your local pet store and buy a bunch of live crickets before your event.
Ask for volunteers before you reveal the game. Each victim (I mean
contestant) reaches in to the container of crickets and pulls out one at a time and pops the live cricket into their mouth. The object is to spit the cricket into their bucket,which is placed several feet away. This is a timed event.
When the time runs out, the person with the most crickets in the bucket is the winner. We usually give the winner a prize and all contestants are given mouthwash.

Supplies Needed:
Two buckets
Live crickets in a container
Prize for the winner
Back to Top Crowd Pleaser
Send 3 very secure students out of the room. Explain to the crowd that it was recently learned that when someone is placed in front of a crowd in complete silence, that they will revert back to the experience of their first kiss. As a matter of fact the first things they will say are the things they said after their first kiss! Therefore, the crowd must be completely silent and stare at the person.
Bring the students one at a time back in, and just have them stand in front of the audience. The awkwardness is super funny. Don’t leave the poor kid up there for too long though.

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Cup Closer
This is done with partners. The girls lay on the floor with a coke cup on their forehead. The guys kneel beside the girls and put their forehead on the other end of the cup. From this position the couple must try to stand — then turn the cup over, with the boy now laying on the ground, without touching it w/their hands. Bonus points if they waltz with the cup between their heads. (Supply waltzing music.)

Our variation: Use a volleyball or goofy looking stuffed toy instead of a cup.

Idea from Young Life
Back to Top Cupid
Make a heart-shaped target and fasten it to a guy’s back (be sure to choose a "solid" couple who sets a good example of dating in your group; pick married sponsors, if nothing else). Give his girlfriend a bow and arrow (with suction cups on arrows) and she stands about 20 feet away, and is given 6 arrows.

The idea is that she must hit the heart on her boyfriend’s back, if she loves him. Every time she misses, the boy gets a pie in the face.

Note: Bow and arrow should be the toy store variety. You can use toy pistols with suction-cup darts, also.

Idea from Young Life

Variation: If you don't have any really good examples of couples in your group (of you just plain want to get away from the romance part of it), you can just have a few pairs of students (one boy, one girl) compete in the same game. The pair who is punished with the fewest number of pies gets a really great prize.
Back to Top Da Breakdance
Ask for three volunteers. Tell them only after they've come forward that they all need to breakdance for 30 seconds, whether they can or not. Interesting to see the things people come up with!

Added by Katie Ray

See Dance or Dare (Click Here).
Back to Top Dance Dance EVOLUTION
It’s called Dance Dance EVOLUTION because the style of music keeps changing and changing and students don't know what to expect next! Here’s how you pull it off.

Bring 2-4 students up front and tell them you are going to play a series of songs that they must dance to...without stopping! Best dancer wins.

Make a playlist or a CD with snippets (I'd say about 30 seconds each) of different genres of music, (at least 10), the goofier the better.

Here are some ideas:
    The Wiggles (children’s TV show)
    Country Song (something with a lot of twang!)
    Rock Song (top 40 will suffice)
    Heavy Metal
    Cartoon Theme Show (like Sponge Bob)
    Rap/Hip Hop (make sure it’s clean)

Individuals compete against each other for the best dance composition. You can have 2-4 students compete at the same time. Judge them for who has the most creative moves, who wasted the least amount of time trying to figure out what to do, the one willing to be the goofiest, etc.

Here are a couple of rules to help you make the game a hit with your group.

  1. You can't just do the same thing the whole time. You have to change your dancing each time the music changes.

  2. Once you stop dancing for more than 10 seconds, you're out!

  3. Make sure the dance moves are “acceptable” by your standards. (Announce this before you begin, or else you WILL see some “dirty” dancing.)

Have fun!
Back to Top Dance Or Dare
Be like a cheesy game show host (with an assistant if you have one). Call contestants (outgoing kids) up front. They are given the choice to Dance or Dare. If the choose Dare, they draw a card from a pre-typed pile of "dares". If they choose to dance, they are given a dance and a costume prop (for disco, mosh, hand jive, chicken dance, etc.). The dares are similar (sing an Elvis song Elvis style, sing a nursery song opera style, do a frog stance and ribbet in someone's - opposite sex - eyes).

Added by Young Life

See Da Breakdance (Click Here).
Back to Top Dancing Musical Chairs
Get 6 volunteers and have 5 chairs up front. Tell them that they are going to play musical chairs, "but this being (NAME OF YOUTH GROUP), we do Dancing Musical Chairs!" Tell them that they will have to dance, dance, dance, when the music starts.

Blindfold them and start the music. Encourage other kids to cheer them on. After a couple of rounds, pull blindfolds off all kids but one. Cheer like mad and let them dance and scramble for a seat. Keep it up till that poor kid figures it out.

Idea from Young Life

Also see Banana Stuff (Click Here) and Barnyard (Click Here).
Back to Top Deal or No Deal
Ask for several volunteers to come up to the front to participate in a game called DEAL OR NO DEAL, but don't tell them what it involves. Introduce each volunteer to the rest of the crowd and have them cheer for the contestants. You can allow as many people as you'd like to be involved, but to save time and space, you should probably keep it under ten or so.
Explain to the volunteers that they can stop at anytime during the game, but they will lose out on some cool (valuable prizes...$$$). Explain that there will be three rounds, and anyone who passes the first two can go on to the third round, which will determine who the winner is.

Round 1: The first round have everyone hold out both arms and stand on one foot for five minutes. Ask them beforehand... DEAL OR NO DEAL? If they succeed they go on to the next round. If they fail they are out!

Round 2: The second round is tougher. Explain it to them beforehand and ask again, "DEAL OR NO DEAL?" I had them eat mushed up spam with chocolate sauce. (Make up your own "meal"). The ones who complete go onto the final round, which is the toughest.

Round 3: Usually there are only 3 or 4 left at this point. [Have the following prepared ahead of time in a separate area of the room: a large tarp spread out with hand towels placed on top in a row (1 for each contestant). Bring out pre-frozen blocks of ice (you can make them yourself or buy them at the local grocery store) and place them under the towels (good size is 12x12x6). Have the remaining contestants remove their shoes and socks and stand barefoot on the iceblock (be sure the towels are always under their feet, so they don't get frostbite or frozen to the ice. At this point, it is who can stay on the longest. Try to bribe them off with a lesser valuable prize. Of course if they fall off, they lose. No pushing or touching among the contestants. I had three that stood on for more than 20 minutes! The winner lasted over 35 minutes. His feet and toes were almost frozen, but ok! Award the winner(s) the cool prize(s)... (maybe a pass to a waterpark, amusement park or GC to a music store).

Variation: Use your hands instead!

Added by Kevin Flores

Also see Fear Factor, More (Click Here).
Back to Top Dime on Your Forehead
Take 3 kids out of the room and bring them in one at a time. Demonstrate that there is a special skill of facial movements allowing someone to shake a dime off their forehead without jumping or shaking. Place a dime on your forehead so it sticks and get the dime to fall off. Have the student close their eyes. Then as you go to press this same dime on their forehead, press hard for 10 seconds and gently take off the coin so it feels to them like its still there. Have them open their eyes and try to get off the coin that isn’t there. Practice.

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Dirty Words
You need two (or more) buckets filled with mud and enough ping pong balls to spell out a word or series of words.

The object is for each team to find all the ping pong balls and unscramble the word (or sentence). Be sure that each team has the same number of letters/words to find to keep it fair. this game gets messy to prepare accordingly.

Note: This game works great with John 9 where Jesus uses mud to heal the blind man or with Ephesians 4:29.

Submitted by Darin
Back to Top Diving For Dollars
Fill a tub or large plastic tote with ice. Add water until tub is full of both ice and water (a baptistry works). Then place ten ones, two fives and one ten dollar bill in the water beneath the ice. The contestants' names are drawn from a hat. (This is a great way to get visitor names and addresses.) Draw out two or three names.

Each contestant gets 30 seconds to dunk their head (no hands) in the ice and water and fish out with their teeth any cash they can find. They get ONE try each, and they get to keep whatever they can catch.

Option: Use Jello for a second week teaser.

Added by Jeff Smith

See Diving For The Prize! (Click Here).
Back to Top Diving For The Prize!
Bring 3 volunteers up front. Have a table set up in front with 3 large bowls filled with whipped cream. Tell all that each bowl is filled with whipped cream and has chocolate hidden inside. The volunteers have to find the chocolate without using their hands, and eat it. The first one to finish eating the chocolate wins.

The twist is, instead of it being a piece of chocolate, its an olive!

Added by Becky

See Diving For Dollars (Click Here).
Back to Top Dog Biscuit Drop
Bring 3 students up front and have each get down on all fours (like a dog) facing audience (or sitting on knees on chairs behind a table if you have a large crowd).

Give each player a pinch-type clothespin to put in their mouth so the clothespin can be opened and closed with their teeth. Put bowls with 10 to 12 dog biscuits in each on the floor (or table) in front of them. Put an empty bowl or brown paper bag beside it. The first person to transfer the dog biscuits out of the bowl to the other container, one at a time, using the clothespin in his or her mouth, is the winner.

If a biscuit is dropped, the person who dropped it must pick it up with the clothespin. No hands are allowed at any time.

Crazy Variation: Forget the clothespins; make them use their mouths to move the dog biscuits.
Back to Top Dollar Jump
Hold up a dollar and offer it to anyone who can perform a simple task. Bring the sucker - I mean, "volunteer" up front and tell them that the dollar is theirs if they can simply jump over it the way you designate. Lay the dollar on the ground. Have the person stand with their toes to the dollar. They must bend over and grab their toes.

Now, tell them that they can't let go of their toes and they must jump over the dollar. No matter how they bend, contort, etc. they won't be able to do it. (One year I had a kid do it by jumping backwards over it- but that was one in a thousand).
Back to Top Donut Line
Thread several donuts onto a string. Three students must try to eat them without their hands. People holding either end of string bounce and swing it to make it difficult.

Idea from Young Life

Also see Donut on a String (Click Here) and Powdered Donut Lips (Click Here).
Back to Top Donut On A String
This game is played with 4 people. 2 kids sit in chairs. The other 2 stand behind them with small poles about three feet long with string dangling at the end. On the end of the string is a chocolate/white powdered donut. The donut is to be held out in front of the kids sitting in the chairs. The first one to eat the donut wins. The trick is that as they take a bite the donut will swing away from their face and come crashing back into it leaving a chocolate/white powder mark.

Added by Cheez Denard

Variation: Before beginning the game, cover the donuts with chocolate syrup.

Also see Donut Line (Click Here) and Powdered Donut Lips (Click Here)
Back to Top Donuts on a String
Donuts On A String

This is an upfront game that is a lot of fun for the competitors and the crowd that watches. Here is what you do.

You’ll need at least 5 jelly-filled donuts, a long piece of string, and some Ready Whip Cream. To set up the game, tie the donuts to the piece of string, about 2 feet apart from one another, and have an adult leader hold each end of the string.

Invite 5 contestants (who are close in height to one another) to come forward to participate. Their objective is to eat the donut off the string WITHOUT USING THEIR HANDS. If their donut falls off the string and hits the floor, they are out of the competition.

When everyone is in place, have the leader say, “Ready, Set, wait a second! We need to up the ante a little bit.” Break out the can of spray cream, and hose down each of the donuts with it. Now, say “Go!”

NOTE: You will probably want to put down some sort of drop cloth to catch the whip cream and falling donuts. Further, if you want to make this game even more difficult, tell the adult leaders who are holding the string to wiggle it around a little bit. You can also blindfold the students. Both of these tricks make this game VERY hard, though.

Idea by Jon N.
Back to Top Double Trouble Shoe Switcheroo
Anybody can play this game as long as they have a partner and both players are wearing shoes or sneakers with laces (no Velcro or slip-ons footwear like sandals). Have players pair up and go to the front of your stage/ meeting room (limit the number of teams based on size of your space). At the start of this game everybody must have their shoes tied in a normal fashion, (2 loops, no double knots). Throughout the entire game, players have to hold hands, (hopefully they like each other) one hand each. When they hear ‘go’ - using their other free hand they are going to work as a team and untie each of their shoes. Then they are have to remove the shoes and exchange them with their teammate so that they end up wearing their teammate’s shoes. Once they have one another’s shoes on, then they tie the laces on the 2 pairs of shoes; all the while using their one free hand and working as a team. If at any time during the game they stop holding hands – they are automatically disqualified. Players are not allowed to slip shoes on and off – they must untie and retie them. First team to successfully make the switcheroo wins a nice prize, (We gave both players Gift Certificates to McDonald’s). If you want, just for fun you can make them wear their partner’s sneakers for the rest of the meeting.

Submitted by Dan M
Back to Top Duct Tape Challenge
You can either run this game as an UPFRONT GAME, entertaining the audience, or divide your whole group into even teams and have each team select a volunteer - preferably a small, light one. Give each team a roll of duct tape. The object is to tape a team member up on to the wall, using no more than the provided role of tape. The one who stays up the longest is the winner. (At one event, a middle school kid was on the wall for 30 minutes!)

Hint: Make sure you use the tape that doesn't leave sticky stuff on the wall or tear off paint (especially in rented or borrowed facilities!) Provide a soft landing for youth as they drop off the wall!

Added by Michael Holt
Back to Top Dueling Candles
Figure out a way to connect a candleholder (with 1-3 candles in it) onto some type of helmet. Choose four kids and have them stand 10 feet away from each other. Light the candles, give them squirt guns to try to put out the others’ fire. You may want to hand them bigger and bigger guns (up to a Super-Soaker) until someone wins.

Have two semi-final rounds and a final round. Sitting on their knees is best. Music: Billy Joel’s "We Didn’t Start the Fire", "Come on Baby Light my Fire" (Jose Feliciano), “Fire” (Ohio Players), the 70s song, “Burn Baby Burn” from the movie Saturday Night Fever, or maybe even theme song from the movie The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Have towels, know your water supply, and you will need two good lighters. Also, I'd suggest putting a tarp on the ground, to catch any melted wax that flies off the helmets if the students jerk their heads.

Added by Young Life

Also see Alka-Seltzer on the Head Duel (Click Here)on Upfront page & Squirt Game (Click Here).
Back to Top Eat Slime Through Pantyhose
Prepare some oatmeal, warmed, not too hot. Buy two packages of pantyhoses and cut them in half so you have four individual legs.

Ask the crowd who’s hungry. Bring up 3 or 4 volunteers and inform them that they’ll be able to eat something in a moment . . . but first they have to put on their “eating apparel.” Place the pantyhose leg over their head and then put a bowl of oatmeal in front of them. Yell “Go!” No spoon, no straw, no lifting the pantyhose- just pure mess. First one to eat the bowl wins.

Provide plenty of moist paper towels and a trash can.

Added by Dylan McDaniel

Also see Banana Barf (Click Here).
Back to Top Eat That Food
Have two students add one ingredient at a time to a cracker trying to outbid each other to eat the cracker. They can pick up to 10 gross ingredients. "I can eat that cracker with sardines." "I can eat that cracker with sardines and jalapenos…."

A great "game show host" can really spice this up along with some fun sound effects from a CD. You may even do two pairs and then a championship round with different foods. Have a bucket or a bag just in case there is a surprise ending. Keep moist paper towels handy.

Added by Young Life

Also see Blend-O-Rama (Click Here) and Choice Combos (Click Here).
Back to Top eBay Guess
This is a take on something Jay Leno has done on the Tonight Show: Download pictures of unusual (but not inappropriate) items from eBay. Make note of the price, but don’t show that on the screen.

Show a picture of an item for sale and list a price out to one side. Ask the audience to guess if they think the item sold for LESS than or MORE than the price you have listed, or DID NOT SALE. After they’ve guessed, you can reveal the answers over the mic or on a separate “slide”.

Here are some to get you going.

Wisdom Teeth - $18
Answer: higher, it sold for $20

Rare Mutant M&Ms that are joined like Siamese twins - $5
Answer: lower, it sold for $1

Piece of French Toast partially eaten by Justin Timberlake: $1,000
Answer: higher, it sold for $1,025

Gross Used Dentures - $15
Answer, higher, it sold for $38.99

Shark Fetus - $50
Answer: lower, $32

UFO Detector - $125
Answer, higher, $135

Vampire Killing Kit - $4,000
Answer: higher, $4,550

Serial Killer's Fingernails - $500
Answer: lower, $10

Stuffed Two-Headed Calf - $100
Answer: Did not sell

Stuffed Musical Bullfrog - $20
Answer: higher, $27.99

"Absolutely Nothing" - $5
Answer: lower, $1.03

The Soul of My Friend - $10
Answer, lower, $0.77cents

Goat Toenail Bracelet - $8
Answer: Did not sell

Monkey-shaped peach pit - $10
Answer: lower, it sold for $5.55

A Real Hornets' Nest - $4
Answer: lower, it sold for $2.55
Back to Top Egg Blow
This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches.

Put the inside of an egg inside a large surgical tubing. Have two students on opposite ends blow into the tubing until the egg blows onto someone's face.

Safety Note: Use an egg substitute (like Eggbeater's) to avoid bacteria or chance of salmonella. Have moist washcloths and towels handy.

Variation: Jello Blow
Just like Egg Blow, but with Jell-O. Safer and not as nasty if you get a mouthful!

Added by Theresa

See also Egg Bop (Click Here).
Back to Top Egg Bop
Have at least four teams of two and have the stronger team member wear knee-high pantyhose on their head with an egg inside, held against their head--tight enough so the egg stays up.

The member without the egg attached to his head is carried by the one with the egg (piggy back). He carries a rolled-up newspaper or magazine. The member with the egg runs around while his partner tries to smash other people's eggs with the newspaper, without letting their own egg get smashed.

Last team with unbroken egg wins.

Added by Jennifer

See also Egg Swing (Click Here).

Note: You can also use those soft Nerf “noodles” and just cut them in half or thirds if you don’t want to use newspaper.
Back to Top Egg Obstacle Course
Outdoor or Indoor - funny during Easter season.

Pick two barefoot kids. Lay eggs on plastic and have them walk through the course (simple). Have them walk through it backwards (still easy). The last time blindfold them and while they are blindfolded, remove the eggs and replace them with peanuts. Make them do it fast so they don't have time to feel with their feet. The audience can coach them. At the end pull off the blindfold - they will be pretty surprised to see no mess.

Added by Young Life

See also Egg Bop (Click Here) and Egg Roulette (Click Here).
Back to Top Egg Roulette (Yoke's on You!)
Get 2 dozen eggs.

Round One: (4 raw, 8 hard-boiled). Two people alternate picking an egg and smashing it on the other person’s head. You may want to choose 4 people and have two rounds and a final round.

Final Round: have 6 eggs (5 hard-boiled and 1 raw) and hold them in a bowl above their heads to pick.

Variation: Put your finger on the raw egg and before club explain the game to all 4 contestants (because you don’t know who will be in the finals). Play the first round for real (possibly girl versus girl, guy versus guy, and battle of sexes for the final round) and in final round they pick the hard-boiled eggs 5 in a row (because you told them not to pick the one with your finger on it till last).

Each time you are really in their faces to nail one another, when the final egg is up in the final round you are going crazy only to have the finalist smash it on your head! Make a kid a hero!

Added by Young Life

See Egg Bop (Click Here) and Egg Swing (Click Here).
Back to Top Egg Swing
See Flour Swing (Click Here), only instead of flour, use an egg. Imagine the possibilities!

Added by Jennifer Spaeth

Also see Egg Bop (Click Here).
Back to Top Face Decorating
Have guys lie on their backs or sit on a chair with their head leaning back on a table and let girls decorate their faces with icing, candy sprinkles and candles. Have someone hold a big mirror so the audience can see the artwork or use a video camera linked to a big screen. Let the crowd choose the best face.

Added by Young Life

Also see Beautiful Boys (Click Here) and Beauty Both Ways (Click Here).
Back to Top Family Feud
Pass out questionnaires (and collect them) the week before, asking for things like favorite teacher, etc. Plan Family Feud based on the answers. You can also make questions up. Develop a final bonus round with prizes. Make sure the “host” is a fun, high-energy person, and you will want cheesy music and an announcer to "tell them what they can win."

Young Life Family Feud Questionnaire
1. The first thing you do when you get up is ______________________________________________.
2. Where do you go on a date? _________________________________________________.
3. What rule do your parents have that you would change? ___________________________________.
4. Name the place you would go on vacation. ______________________________________________.
5. What is your favorite Olympic sport? _______________________________________________.
6. All of a sudden you are given $1000, what is the first thing that you would buy? _______________________________________________.
7. Name the hottest, most with-it MTV video. _____________________________________________.
8. The fastest kind of car is _____________________________________________.
9. Your favorite fast-food place is ______________________________________________.
10. Name an English-speaking country ____________________________________________________.
11. Your favorite flavor of ice cream is ________________________________________________.
12. The #1 video game is ________________________________________________.
13. Your favorite brand of peanut butter is _________________________________________________.
14. The hottest name in car stereo/"tunes" is _______________________________________________.
15. Name a yellow fruit or vegetable _____________________________________________.

Idea from Young Life

Also see Brother and Sister (Click Here).
Back to Top Famous Quote Unscramble Challenge
Pick 1 student from each side of the room to compete against one another. The students in the audience will be given sheets of paper beforehand; and each sheet will have a word printed on it. At the beginning of the game, the audience holds their papers face down.

Each competitor will be given the beginning part of a famous quote. Their job is to complete the quote using the words from the audience. Players have to find the word in the audience then tag that audience member who will then come forward to the front of the stage. Once there, the competitor must put the words in proper order so the rest of the audience can read it. The first person with the correct answer in order wins a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Sample Quotes:
1. To be or… (not to be).
2. It is better to give… (than to receive).
3. To infinity… (and beyond).
4. A penny saved is… (a penny earned).
5. It’s not over til… (the fat lady sings).
6. Early to bed, early to rise…(makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise).
7. Out of the abundance of the heart… (the mouth speaks).

NOTE: You will have to print off at least 2 copies of all the needed words (“penny,” “mouth,” etc). You will also probably want to print out words that are not needed at all. Regardless, make sure the words are printed as large as possible.

Added by Dan the Man
Back to Top Fashion Designer
As an upfront game, pre-select two teams of 3 for this. For small groups, everyone can participate.

Materials needed:
- Tissue Paper
- Tape
- Pictures of high fashion models (needless to say, keep 'em appropriate)

Divide up into as many groups as you want (at least 3) and give each group a model (preferably youth workers!). Then give each group a picture of a fashion model, some tissue paper, and tape and ten minutes to replicate the dress on the picture of the fashion model.

When they're through, have the 'models' walk the runway for everyone to watch. Have the teams vote on who looks the most like the model they were representing. You can do this by showing what pictures they were trying to mimic on powerpoint.

Added by Pollyanna Soares
Back to Top Fear Factor Box
Build a plexi glass box and frame it out - put legs on it (so it looks like a spider) with a clear lid. The bottom is made so you can put your head through it. Contestants put their head in and are told to put as many bolts and nuts together in 2 min. You have a small table next to them (or a chair or simply the ground, if the box is low enough), and that is what you put the nuts and bolts on (the nuts and bolts are not in the box). However, we dump 300 roaches and 300 crickets in the box with their head. The roaches make the crickets jump all over the place. We bring this game out for our big events or the beginning of the school year.

Added by Sterling Lynn

Also see Fear Factor, More (Click Here) and Radioactive Spew (Click Here).
Back to Top Fear Factor Cuisine
Fill a large bowl with your choice of sardines, pigs feet, or frog legs (purchased at most supermarkets). We recommend a certain amount, like 10. Place another empty container at the other side of the stage or the other end of the room.

The student has a designated amount of time to grab a sardine (or whatever you choose to use) in their mouth, run across the room or stage and drop it into the empty container. They must transfer as many food items as possible in the amount of time given but can only transfer one at a time.

from Fear Factor/Faith Factor on our EVENT IDEAS page (CLICK HERE)

Also see Radioactive Spew (Click Here).
Back to Top Fear Factor, More
Outdoor or Indoor. More Fear Factor! Have good prizes to motivate the contestants - they'll need it! (We used gift cards from popular restaurants, hang-out spots, and movie theaters.)

Set up approx. 10 stations of contest in increasing stages of scariness or grossness.

Free Fall: Contestant stands on raised platform and falls backwards into arms of catchers. (eeeaasssy)

Proof is in the pudding: Contestants dig sardines out of chocolate pudding with their toes. Use time limit for elimination. (kinda gross)

Pickled-Pigs-Feet poker: Make several of each of the following playing cards: 0, 1/4, 1/2, 1, and 2 (i.e. 3 0's, 6 1/4'S, 3 1/2's, 3 1's, and 2 2's). Have the players sit around a card table and play poker. At the end of the play, each contestant adds up the amount on his/her cards- these amounts are the number of pigs’ feet they have to eat. Those who finish theirs advance.(haarrd)

Supplies to keep in mind:

  • Anything crawly (bugs, worms, etc)

  • Stinkbait, chicken livers, raw hamburger, sardines, anchovies, vienna sausages, etc.

  • Mud, pudding

  • Blindfolds

  • Vary methods of elimination, i.e. timed, achievement, etc.

  • Have food and drinks, and towels for those who get soaked.

Added by Liz Harris

Also see Fear Factor Box (Click Here) and Radioactive Spew (Click Here).
Back to Top Feel The Force
You will need:
golf tubes
newspaper balls
squirt guns

Talk up this game with Star Wars music in the background and two people (preferably Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker characters) coming in the room with “light sabers” (golf tubes), engaged in battle. (Yoda is also funny if you can find a mask at a costume store).

Make it a battle of the sexes and pull up two girls and two guys to have light saber (golf tube) battles (make sure the tube is not sharp on the end; if so, pad it with foam).

Put the guys back to back with 3-4 feet in between them and explain that each guy is fighting their girl. No hitting above the shoulders. Just when they’re about to begin blindfold them. Blindfold the girls first, explaining that they are blindfolded so that they can "feel the force", then blindfold the guys. After the guys are blindfolded, take the blindfolds off the girls and give them a football helmet for protection. The girls end up hitting the guys without taking hits and the guys usually end up hitting each other. Be careful and safety-minded -– especially if you’re on a platform. Play Star Wars music in the background while they are swinging.

This same prank can also be done throwing newspaper balls at guys as they furiously try to hit girls that can see them although they are blindfolded. You might try a squirt gun duel with girls un-blindfolded after it starts.

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Flour Swing
Need: Two pair of nylons and five pounds of flour

Prepare: Pour half the flour down one leg of nylons and the other half down a leg in the other pair of nylons. Mark an area on the floor for the match.

Play: Select two volunteers. Each volunteer places the waist portion of they nylons over their head. They now have two nylon legs hanging from their head, one full of flour. The players face off in the marked area for specific time period. This is a fast paced game and one minute is almost too long. Players then swing their heads to make the flour come into contact with their opponent.

The winner is the player with the least amount of flour on their clothes. (It doesn't matter whether the flour is from their own nylon or their opponent's.) Or you can count points for each time a blow is struck to the torso.

I take no responsibility for the results of this game!!! :)

Also see Egg Swing (Click Here).
Back to Top Flower (Flour) Girl
You begin the game by announcing you're going to have a kissing contest (the looks you get from workers are the best).

Have 3 pretty girls come and stand at the front of the room. You tell the guys that they'll walk in one by one and ask each girl, "Are you my flower girl?" If she shakes her head "no", he goes to the next girl. If she nods "yes," he kisses her. The audience will cheer for the best kisser.

Select three guys (good self esteem & good sports). Then send the guys outside the room and explain the REAL rules to the audience. The last girl in the group of three will be the one who nods her head "yes." When the guy gets real close, ready to kiss her, she blows a mouth full of flour into his face (put the flour in her mouth and wipe it all off her face so he has no idea). Have towels handy for clean-up.

Added by Kevin Maloney

Also see Boo! (Click Here) and Cheeky, Cheeky (Click Here).
Back to Top Foil Face Unscramble
For this game all that you need are a couple of rolls of aluminum foil and a cool prize for the winner. Before service starts recruit 5-6 people and make molds of their face using aluminum foil – pick a mix of leaders and students. If they wear glasses, a hat, earrings or other peculiar identifiable items ask them to leave them on during the mold making process. Pick 3-4 people to play the game. Have the volunteers who made the molds stand on stage or in front of the audience. Place the masks in random order in front of the volunteers. The players have to try to match the face with the mask. The player with the most correct wins the prize. For a tiebreaker have a speed round to guess one last mask. Make it the youth pastor’s face!
Back to Top Follow The Moon
Bring 3 people up, one at a time. Put a flashlight behind a sheet held up by 4 people. Your student follows the light with their nose to the beat of music. The light starts out slow, but moves faster until they can’t keep up. Play for 1-2 minutes. Only, the 3rd student has light bring them down and then up to the upper edge of sheet. When he/she gets there, drop the sheet and pie them!

Can be done in pairs and make them cross, etc. Be sure the 3rd student is a good sport and have a hand towel ready for them.

Idea from Young Life
Back to Top Foot Signing Contest
Crowd Game: Have 5 students come to the front of the room and remove their shoes and socks. Give each a felt-tipped or ball point pen. On the signal, they run out into the crowd and see who can get the most signatures on the bottom of their feet in the time limit. No one person can sign more than three feet. Can use both feet. Signatures must be legible.

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Football Fashion Show
Two small girls race to put on the biggest guys’ football uniforms. Take all pads out of pockets and include mouth guard. To add more action, have whoever is in the uniform the fastest grab a football and run it to the finish line. They may end up tackling one another to get to the finish. Marching band fight song music will add to atmosphere with kids cheering.

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Four on a Couch
Depending on the size of your group, this game could work as an Up Front Game (for a large group—the group watches while a few do the activity in front of the group, entertaining the rest) or as a Mixer (for a small group—in a group of 8-12 kids you could involve almost everyone.

Create a circle with chairs and one couch, enough seats for everyone playing plus one extra seat. 2 girls and 2 guys start off by sitting on the couch, while everyone else sits in the chairs. Give every person playing a paper to write their name on. They are to turn their names in to you.

Mix the names up and redistribute them back to the youth, making sure no one gets their own name. They are not to tell which name they have. The purpose of the game is for the guys to get all 4 guys on the couch and the girls to get all 4 girls on the couch. The person to the left of the empty seat calls out a name of someone in the circle. Whoever is HOLDING THAT NAME (not the one whose name it is, i.e John calls Amy's name, and Jeff is holding Amy's name) gets up and sits on the empty chair. The person who called the name and the person who sat on the chair, then exchange papers with names on it (that way the same name does not stay with the same person, it makes it more challenging). The person to the left of the new empty seat calls a new name. (the same name cannot be repeated twice in a row).

Again, the purpose is for the guys to get the 2 girls off the couch and vice versa. This is a really fun game but it can last a long time.

Added by Leah
Back to Top French Charades
Divide into teams of 5-7 people. Have members of one team leave the room while the others think of a situation which can be acted out without words. Then bring in one person from the team that was sent out. Explain the situation he or she will be acting out.

Now bring in the second person from that team. Without saying a word, Person #1 must act out the assigned plot for Person #2. Person #2 may or may not understand the charade, but he or she must subsequently act out the same situation for a third member of the team. Person#3 performs the charade for Person#4, and so on.

The last person must guess the original story line. Basically, this is a game of telephone, but using only charades to communicate.

Remember, all this is done in complete silence. Even the simplest charade can undergo a thorough metamorphosis after being passed down several times. If the last person cannot guess the charade, person #1 should perform it again and let the last person guess once more.

Here are some classic French charade situations to spur your creativity.

Charade 1:
The original pantomime that you do could include the following: pull the elephant into the room on a rope; tie the rope at a stake; dip a rag in a pail and wash the side of the elephant jumping high to get all the way to the top; crawl underneath, wash his belly and legs; go to the front and wash the trunk inside and out and wash the elephant’s ears as well; and then, wash under his tail (hold your nose).

Charade 2:
You are a high school beauty pageant contestant, anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner. Suddenly you hear your name! You now step forward to receive your crown and roses. Then comes you victory walk down the aisle, waving to the crowd, you encounter many misfortunes. First, you are allergic to the roses, so you begin to sneeze, but you keep on going waving and sneezing to the crowd. Then, on the way back up the aisle, your high heel breaks and you finish the walk with one heel missing!

Charade 3:
You're are a pregnant bird about to give birth. You must fly around the room gathering materials for your nest. Once you make your nest, you lay your egg. Then finish the charade by hatching the egg and finding a worm to feed your new baby.

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Frozen Marbles (or Jellybeans)
For this game you'll need:
2-4 large buckets or plastic tubs filled with ice and water.
2-4 bags of marbles (depending on the # of buckets used).

Students have 15 (or 30) seconds to fish marbles out of ice water with their toes.

Have a youth worker with dry towels close by to dry each player's feet.

Added by Joy Tribbey

Young Life variation: Students fish jelly beans out of ice water with their toes. Have them eat them?!

Also see Cold Toe Dogs (Click Here), Marbles In Jello (Click Here), and Valentine Toe Freezer (Click Here).
Back to Top Frozen to a T
Get as many T-shirts as you want to do (2-6). Soak them in water and wring them out until damp (if you leave them too wet students can't play the game). Fold them up nicely & place on wax paper inside your freezer for at least an hour.

Game: Have 2 teams of 4 students volunteer. Pull T-shirts out of the freezer. (Keep in cooler or wrapped in foil if you have to bring them from home.)

The object: When you say go, the team has to open the shirt and one of the students has to put it on. The team that does this the fastest wins!

Added by Sterling Lynn
Back to Top Fruit Loop Race
Tie a 10 foot (or however long) piece of string to a chair or some firm anchor point. Slide 10 Fruit Loops onto the string and tie the remaining loose end to another chair. Pull the string taut. Move all the Fruit Loops to one end. This will make one race course. Have teams of 2 or 5 and use as many courses as needed for the number of teams.

Each team member will alternate blowing one fruit loop from one end to the other. The next team member cannot start until the previous team member has his Fruit Loop to the other end. Beware, team members will become short of breath quickly (and possibly become lightheaded), especially if there are only two of them or if the strings are really long. The first team to get all the Fruit Loops to the other end wins. The losers have to eat the Fruit Loops which will have spit all over them. Hint: short bursts of air usually move the Fruit Loops better than continual blowing.

Added by Andrew Allen
Back to Top Funnel Penny Gag
Take a funnel and shove the small end down the front of your pants so the wide end is facing up. Put your head back, place a penny on your forehead and close your eyes. Tilt your head forward, dropping the penny off of your forehead and into the funnel.

Challenge the group that no one in the audience can do that three times in a row. Pick a student who is the most eager to prove you wrong (make sure they're a good sport). Set it up for the kid and emphasize how much you must close your eyes for at least three seconds before dropping the penny in. On the student's third try, pour a huge glass of ice water down the funnel (make sure that the funnel has a big enough opening to allow good water flow)!
Back to Top Gag a Napkin
A quick, just for fun game to liven up a banquet. Each person opens up a paper napkin and places a corner of it on his or her tongue. On "Go!", race to see who gets the entire napkin in their mouth first.

The Point: You can use this as an opener for a discussion on greed.
Back to Top Gargle a Tune
Bring 3 students up front. Hand them each a glass of water. Then, one at a time, show only the person doing the gargling the name of a familiar song. It could be a nursery rhyme or any other familiar song. Have the person take a drink of water and attempt to gargle the tune you have showed them. The rest of the students in the room should be listening close so they can guess the song. Be ready for water through the nose.
Back to Top Gerber Guess
Wanna expose your students to some really strange tastes? Try Gerber Guess. Here’s how you do it.

Before the game begins, rip the labels off of several jars of baby food. The number needed depends on the number of teams and the size of the teams. If you have two teams of 5 students each, you need 10 jars of baby food. The baby food jars do not need to be the same for all groups.

When the leader says go, the team members will work together to taste their assigned jars of baby food. The group that guesses the most jars of baby food correctly wins.

NOTE: Make sure you rip the labels off BEFORE the game begins! This saves time. Also, make sure you devise a “key” to determine correct answers during and after the game. The easiest way to do that is to use a marker to write a number on the jar that matches a corresponding key sheet with the correct baby food flavor. Finally, do not forget to have every participant their own plastic spoon. A few hand towels and free soft drinks (to clean up and wash away the bad taste) will make you a very popular youth leader with your kids!
Back to Top Gingerbread Face
This is best played as an Up Front game, so make sure everyone in the room can see what’s going on!

Teams are made up of 3 girls and 1 guy, or the other way around (we don’t want to be sexist). One student lies down on their back (with their head closest to the crowd) and the other 3 students prepare to build.

The object of the game is to build a gingerbread house on the student’s face (sides of the house on their cheeks, other sides on their chin and the bridge of their nose, and a roof).

The face must first be smeared with frosting so that the crackers will stick well as the goal is for the person to stand up and not have the house fall off their face.

Once the house walls are in place on their face, the team adds a completely closed roof. After the building has 4 walls and a roof, the team then decorates the house. (Teams can use as much icing as necessary to make the house stable.) Once it is completed the person with the house on their face stands up…and the house that doesn’t fall off, wins!

Variable: You can also play this game by setting a time limit of 5 minutes and then letting the crowd judge which gingerbread house is best.

Idea by Jeff Hoch
Back to Top Girls Arm Wrestling
Have two girls come to the front and arm wrestle. Encourage the crowd to root for their favorite. Two out of three wins a prize. Or you can make it a championship-elimination kind of thing either along with other games on an event night or stretched out over a month or so.

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Gladiator Feet
Get two of your biggest jocks or two girls with perfect hair and makeup and have them come up to battle each other for this game. This is one on one. Guy vs. guy, or girl vs. girl. Each player removes shoes before starting.

The object is that both players have to try and get the others socks off. When one player has successfully removed his opponent’s socks, he/she is allowed to tickle their feet (only) for 15 seconds.

Choose another player to challenge the winner (who puts their socks back on), or both players now put on another pair of socks, but the player who won may put on top any remaining socks they have left. Then repeat the game.

You can play four rounds of this and then a final. In the final, players have to put socks on their hands and try to remove their opponents socks by using their bare feet. The winner tickles the loser’s feet for 1 minute!

Variation: Blindfolding both players

Added by “Angel Saint” in the U.K.
Back to Top Gladiators
Inspired by the hit TV show from the 80’s by the same name, this game requires two objects equal in height. You can use two tables or two 55 gallon drums or two chairs. Anything that’s equal.

You’ll then place a sturdy board or beam across the two objects making a “balance beam” of sorts. All around the base, place as many mats, pillows, or mattresses you have to softly break a fall when it occurs.

You guessed it. This game is all about knocking your opponent off the beam before they knock you off. Participants will need a “weapon” for combat. It can be as simple as a Nerf Noodle, a pillow, or a block of soft foam taped around the end of a plastic stick.

Start the game with one teen at each end of the beam and do a few rounds with different teens.

Note: The higher you suspend the pole off the ground, the cooler your teens will think this game is. But don’t get too carried away.
Back to Top Glove & Sock Race
Sit two or three guys in chairs blindfolded. Give them a paper sack with heavy men’s gloves and a pair of socks in each. They race to be the first to put on the gloves and then the socks. Becomes hysterical when they can’t even feel if they have the socks in their hand or not. You can use hockey gloves, big winter gloves, or lacrosse gloves. Optional: also add a helmet of some kind.

Idea from Young Life
Back to Top Gold Fish Snag
This game can be played as an upfront game for big groups, or an all-play for smaller groups.

Throw about 50 gold fish into a kiddie or regular pool (If indoors, put plastic down and have towels available).

Whoever catches the most fish with their bare hands wins! For added fun, add some other bigger fish or try it in the dark! Use a tarp if indoors.

*Note: Make sure and catch all the gold fish and return them to clean water right away both during and when the game is over.

Added by Eben in South Africa
Back to Top Goldfish Gauntlet, The
This upfront game works best if you choose 2-3 girls, preferably middle school aged. Have them come up front and show them the bag/bowl of goldfish, yes, real live goldfish! Tell them that they are about to walk through the Goldfish Gauntlet. Fastest time wins!

On the floor, down front where everyone can see, have a plastic tarp spread out. Explain that the adult leaders are going to place the goldfish on the tarp and they must walk through it without stepping on and killing any of the goldfish. Further explain that the difficulty factor will go up because the adult leaders are going to blindfold the contestants. Because this is a timed event, you need to share with them that for every goldfish they kill, you are going to tack on 10 seconds to their time.

Have an adult leader begin to take out goldfish and place them on the tarp. At the very same time, have another adult leader begin to blindfold all three participants. Note: IT IS CRUCIAL THAT THIS HAPPENS VERY CLOSE TOGETHER AND IN THIS ORDER, SO AS TO NOT GIVE THE GAME AWAY, NOR KILL GOLDFISH.

As soon as you have the participants blindfolded, SILENTLY direct the crowd’s attention to the power point screen(s). Have instructions pointing out the fact that you are playing a joke on the contestants, AND you need their help. The pre-made screens will prompt them with phrases and directions like, “Whole crowd GASP!” “Oh my gosh!!” “Eeeewwwww!” “Ooooohhhhh!! Ahhhhhhh!!” Etc.

While the crowd is being given instructions, adult leaders are placing the live goldfish back in the bowl and replacing them with LOTS of canned mandarin oranges.

Have the first contestant step up to the start of the gauntlet. On your command, the participant begins to walk the gauntlet. Have music playing on the sound system. Have the crowd really hamming it up based on your slides. But most importantly, have adult leaders tossing/throwing mandarin oranges at the participants’ feet, simulating jumping goldfish. This is so much fun to watch.

A Few Notes:
  1. You may want to give the goldfish away at the end of the game. Ask parents first!

  2. Adult leaders REALLY make or break this game! You may even want to rehearse the timing and roles of this game to ensure that it comes off hilariously.

  3. This game should not end until someone is crying! Just kidding!!
Back to Top Goldfish Gulp
This is a great upfront game. Supplies needed: gummy fish, 3 REAL LIVE goldfish, 10 glasses half full of water (3 containing real goldfish, 2 with just water and 5 containing gummy fish and water—these 5 are kept hidden from the chosen victims… students.

Bring three students up front and show them the 5 glasses with water (3 with real goldfish and 2 with just water). Blindfold the students and instruct them to choose a glass to drink. While they are blindfolded switch the glasses to the 5 containing gummy fish and water. Option: Award a prize for the best reaction.

NOTE: This would be a great game in which to have a live video feed hooked up. At the very least, you may want to record this one for laughs!

Back to Top Golf Ball and Nylon Relay
This game can be a relay, but I personally think relays just take too much time and leave kids standing there bored . . . so I usually do this as an up-front game for everyone to watch a couple of people do.

Tape two lines on the floor about 15 feet apart. Have ready two pair of pantyhose and four golf balls. Put one golf ball in the leg of the pantyhose and one golf ball on the ground. After wrapping the other leg of the pantyhose around your waist, the leg with the golf ball should be hanging down in front of you just barely touching the ground. With movement from your body alone, you are to hit the golf ball on the ground with the one hanging from your waist. The object is to move the golf ball from one line to the next. Pass the pantyhose to the next person and they must go back. This is repeated until 5-10 people on each team have completed the task.

Items needed: 4 golf balls, tape, 2 pairs of pantyhose
Back to Top Golf Phwack
Outdoor or Indoor. This is a great activity to kill time at the beginning of an event - it works best with a good amount of space. The same as driving a regular golf ball, the only difference is. . . you use marshmallows. See who can hit them the farthest distance.

Added by Rick Hilton

Also see Golf Phwack II (Click Here).
Back to Top Golf Phwack II
Same as Golf Phwack (Click Here), but with a few twists. I created an oversized golf green on an overhead. Different areas were worth different points. We then had people come up on the stage and take a pitching wedge and aim at the back wall where we had the overhead pointed. It was close enough to make it, but hard enough to make it a challenge. They took turns and the one with the highest score won. It was fun and strange enough to keep their interest. Remember that Gold Phwack is with marshmallows.

Added by Eric Blauer
Back to Top Gone Fishing
This game works great as an upfront attention getter.

Place a large aquarium in the center of the stage and fill it with water and about 100 LIVE gold fish. Get 2-4 students (depending on the size of the aquarium) and hand them hats that have the small dipping nets attached to them. Tell them to put the hats on.

When the leader says GO, the students use their hat-nets to dip goldfish out of the aquarium and place them in a bowl that has water in it. Tell them they get to keep all of the fish they catch!

NOTE: To make this fun for everyone in the room, make sure all students can see what’s going on. You might also want to “throw out” the goldfish snacks to the crowd to help them feel a part of the excitement. A leader dressed in fisherman’s gear can do this well.
Back to Top Grab Bag Scarf
This can be a relay, but I play it as an up front game involving 6-8 people. Great game for a guys against girls night.

Put together 2 bags of miscellaneous food items. They must have the same amount of items in each bag. Some items could be: package of unsweetened Kool Aid, a candy bar, soda, a can of sardines, a dill pickle, an onion slice, a clove of garlic, etc. Each bag should have 12-15 items in it. The object of the game is that the first team to eat the entire contents of the bag wins!

Note: Some kids might vomit after a game like this so give them the bag.

Items needed: 2 bags, lots of food items.
Back to Top Grand Moo Master
Pick 3 contestants out of the audience and send them to another room. You'll bring these contestants back in one at a time, after you explain the game to the audience, saying that when the first two contestants come in everyone has to "moo" at them. When the final person comes in, no one in the audience is to moo. So, as you bring up the first contestant, explain to him or her that someone in the audience has been selected to moo louder than anyone else and it is the contestant's job to pick them out. On the count of three, everyone moos and the contestant selects someone.

It doesn’t matter who they select, because the contestant then joins the audience as you bring in the second, having told the first that he is now the "loud mooer." Repeat the process for the second, having him join the audience, then call in the third. After explaining it again, count to three, and the only people mooing in the audience will be the two previous contestants. Joke’s on them!

This game works best with the smaller crowds.
Added by Tim Mayfield
Back to Top Grape Juice Contest
Put 3 pounds of grapes in each of two coolers with plastic underneath. Let two students crush the grapes with their bare feet for two minutes. See who makes the most juice.

For a tie-breaker, have them drink the juice. Have a measuring cup and big glasses.

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Green Oatmeal
Get 3 or 4 brave volunteers with strong stomachs who race to eat a bowl of green oatmeal the fastest. This is best if recorded on camera and projected on the big screen. Award a first, second and third place so all contestants keep eating til done.

When they finish have one of your staff ask, "Hey ‘Jonathan,' where do you get green oatmeal?" You answer, "That's a good question, and show them.

Play a pre-recorded video of you and another staff member in your office, home, wherever, with a large (very large) pan or bowl of oatmeal. Drop green food coloring in it and then dialogue about how to stir it. "Do you have a big spoon?" "No. Do you?" "No." "Then what are we going to use?" "HEY! I got an idea!"

Each person in the video takes off his shoes and socks. This is a great opportunity to show close-ups of your feet when the socks come off. (pre-dirty your feet with some grease - Pam - between each toe). Then stick your feet in the oatmeal and start sloshing around in it to mix it up. As the camera tilts up to your faces, both can say, "That's how you make green oatmeal!"

Note: For obvious health reasons, don't use that oatmeal as the oatmeal they eat! The look on their faces and reaction from the audience is priceless.

Thanks to Rux down in Southern CA for this idea!
Back to Top Gross Domestic Product
This takes quite a bit of setup and some baking skills. Create six desserts: one real, five gross. The key is to make each dessert LOOK appetizing. We made a ketchup smoothie ("berry milkshake"), whipped mayo and strawberries ("strawberries and cream"), avocado pie ("key lime pie"), cookies with LOTS of salt and pepper with sour cream in the middle ("cookie sandwiches"), whipped mayo with sprinkles ("vanilla pudding"), and our real dessert was brownies with Twix in them ("chunky brownies").

The students must choose only ONE to eat by smelling and looking ONLY. They cannot touch the stuff or talk about their choices. Once everyone has reached a decision, they must eat a handful/spoonful and see if they were right.

The Point: There are many choices of how to live your life and what gods to follow, but only one is real: Jesus. We also taught that you don't have to taste everything under the sun to know when you have the real answer...the kid who picked the brownies KNOWS he's right without tasting the other gross stuff.

Added by Dustin Perkins
Back to Top Guess the Weight
Have several people come up and sit cross legged; the weight guesser lifts each one of them, holds them for a few seconds, then puts them down and guesses. (It goes without saying these should be people secure about themselves.) On about the 3rd person, slip a pan of water under the person being lifted before they get down.

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Gum & Flour
This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches.

Gum (3-4 pieces)
3-4 cake pans
3-4 kids.

Bury the gum in the flour. Without using their hands, students find the gum and blow a bubble.

Added by Young Life

Also see Gum Tag (Click Here).
Back to Top Gum Tag
Get 4 students to come to the front of the room. On a table, for each person, have an oversized shirt, 2 oven mitts and a jar full of hard chewing gum (the harder the better, takes more time). Each member is to run from a certain spot up to the table, put on the oversized shirt, then the oven mitts, reach into the bowl and grab a piece of gum. With the oven mitts on, they must unwrap the gum, chew it, and then blow a bubble.

After they blow a bubble, they take off the mitts, then the oversized shirt and then tag you (or whoever’s leading the game time). The first tagger wins.

Idea by Bo Lane

Also see Gum & Flour (Click Here).
Back to Top Gummy Worms/Chocolate Pudding
3 or 4 students each have a pan with chocolate pudding or Reddi Whip and 15 gummy worms mixed in. Have them go face first into the chocolate pudding and pick the gummy worms out with their teeth and drop them on a plate. First one to get all 15 or the person who gets the most in a designated amount of time is the winner.

Added by Susie

Variation: Make huge bowls of chocolate pudding and put regular gummy worms and sour gummy worms in the bowls. Tell the students that there are some “special worms” in the buckets and they will know when they get those special worms. (The kids think they are real worms; when they ask if they’re real, don't answer them!) They get 1 point for every gummy worm they find and 5 points for every “special” (sour) worm they find.

Variation added by Angela Nuckles

Also see Bobbing For Worms (Click Here) and Worm Fest (Click Here).
Back to Top Guy's Best Pick-up Line
Tell a quick disaster date story about asking someone out, telling the crowd that you will need their help. To do this, re-enact your scene by building a couch out of three folding chairs covered by a LARGE sheet or blanket (it must cover all the chairs well--all the way to the ground).

After building the couch in front of them, pick a girl to sit on the end chair. Then pull up three guy studs to come give you their best line and move. Demonstrate for them that it all counts here — talk, walk, distance from the girl — that when told to do so they will enter the room one at a time, walk over to the girl, deliver their best line, and sit right next to her with their arm around her.

After explaining and demonstrating, briefly send them out of the room. While they are out of the room, pull out and hide the middle chair, replacing it with a pillow on the ground under the sheet. Stand on one end of the sheet while the girl remains on the other end. When the guys deliver their line and begin to sit down, both you and the girl release pressure on the sheet so they will fall right through.

Note: The person who takes them out should have three lines ready for the guys in case they can’t think of one. Make sure you build them up afterward!

The Point: Great game to precede a talk on dating or sex.

Added by Young Life
Back to Top Guys vs. Girls Trivia
Have 5 guys and 5 girls come up. You need 5 of the same prizes to give away to the winning team.

Write out a list of about 10 to 15 questions. (Example: How high does a building have to be before it’s required to have a blinking red light for airplanes? Answer: 200 ft.; Where is mascara applied?) Some of the questions can be geared towards males, some to females, and some a bit tough for both.

The teams line up facing the audience on both sides of you. When someone on a team knows the answer they have to hit the floor face down. Sometimes one kid goes down, sometimes everyone will. If the person gets the answer wrong, the other team gets a shot at it. If they miss, then it’s “dead,” so you might want to have a few extra questions and a tiebreaker.

The first team to 8 or 10 points wins. You can change the points, players, or number of questions to suit your group.

Added by Joshua Nelson
Back to Top Hair Dont's
This is a quick and fun game you can play if you want to draw some attention to your awesome adult leaders. Unfortunately for them, they’re on the receiving end of a bad hairstyle! Here’s what you do.

Make sure you have 4 towels; 4 chairs; 4 containers hair gel/wax, and 4 brushes or combs. It’s pretty simple; the 4 adult leaders pick 4 youth to join them on the stage.

The adult leaders then sit down on their own chair (facing the crowd!) and give their student partner 3 minutes to “design” them a new hairstyle. The students can do anything EXCEPT actually cut the leaders’ hair.

Let the audience judge the wackiest hair style. The “wackiest” wins a prize. (If you can, have the prize be a free lunch for two so the adult leader and teenager can have some quality time together. If you go this route, make sure you let boys pair up with men and girls pair up with women.)

Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures!

Idea by Carmel
Back to Top Hanging Apples
Teamwork counts on this game. Choose 4 or 5 sets of two-person teams. Hang the same number of apples (or caramel apples) as teams that you have from the ceiling with a string. Make sure that they are secure. Once you say, "Go!", the two people will try to finish their apple before the other teams. The first team that finishes wins.

The trick is that the apples swing around when you try to bite into them and the students can't use their hands, so unless they bite at the exact same time the apple can't even be bitten in to.

Added by Jennifer Fink

An Added Twist by Adam Wormann:
To modify the "Hanging Apple" game, we have someone hold the apple on a string for the person instead of from the ceiling. The person eating the apple is on their knees and blindfolded. Right before you begin, switch the apple for a student who can take a joke with a raw onion. Great reactions.

Also see Caramel Apples on a String (Click Here).
Back to Top Happy Shake
File this in the "fun with a blender" category!

Go to McDonalds and pick up 3 Happy Meals (the manager may even donate them if he appreciates youth work). Pre-pick 3 willing contestants and bring them up front. (Make sure you follow "Jonathan's Seven Sins of Game Leading" tips here- especially #2- being prepared and #7- making sure the entire crowd can see clearly.)

Blend the Happy Meals together (burger, fries and drink) in front of them. Then, fill up equal CLEAR cups for each person. The rest is a race to see who can drink their "happy shake" the fastest.

You might want one or two trash cans near the front for participants who don't like the shakes.

Also see Blend-O-Rama (Click Here) and Gross Domestic Product (Click Here).
Back to Top Hawaiian Punch
Choose 3 two-person teams. Each team is given a bag of fruit, a clear drinking cup that has a line drawn across it to indicate a minimum amount of juice to be squeezed into the cup, and a chair.

The object of the game is to squeeze enough juice from the fruit into the cup to reach the line and for one team member to drink it. The gross out factor is that the only way that fruit can be squeezed is either in the armpit, the back of the knee or with the feet.

One person sits in the chair and does the squeezing (with the help of the drinker) while the other team member catches the juice. Once predetermined level is reached, the drinker has to run up front and drink it.

Award either dumb or good prizes (like a can of bean dip, an old soccer trophy, or a cd or devo from your local Christian bookstore).

Cut the fruit in half before the teams get it because it juices easier. Grapefruits are good because they have tons of juice, so are tomatoes because they are gross and have a ton of juice. Plastic cups are safest to use. We used tape on the cup to indicate the level of juice. Be sure and keep the level low enough and use tons of fruit because each piece yields very little juice.

Added by Chris Chamberlain
Back to Top Head Paint
Bring three guys with really short hair up front. Have them dip their heads in tins filled with chocolate sauce. Others hold large pieces of cardboard for them to draw or write on. Write words. Draw pictures. Use your imagination. You can have the crowd guess what the pictures are, vote on whoever drew the best picture, or turn it into a game of Win, Lose, or Draw.

Variation: Use bare feet (standing, sitting, or lying down).

Idea from Young Life
Back to Top Hefalump Game, The
Have 3 people who know the object of the game hiding out of the room with a cup of water and a blanket. The leader then explains that he has found a rare creature (the hefalump) and that it is skilled in many areas. To build it up the leader starts to explain how people must be quiet and not stare or point as it may upset the hefalump.

The leader then goes and gets the people who have the blanket over their heads and the back person has the cup of water. They come back in and the leader says it can do math, so he starts asking questions like 2+2, then the hefalump using one of its legs taps out the answer.

After doing this a couple of times you say even though it has no eyes it can step over things without treading on them. Ask for 3 volunteers to come forward. Have them lie on the floor. As you introduce them all and say which position they are in, emphasize one. Then as the hefalump lifts his leg over the one who has been emphasized, the hefalump pours the water all over him/her!

Added by Laura Westby
Back to Top Hobby Hoax
Send 3 students out of the room and tell them to think of their favorite hobby, and that you'll interview them onstage so the audience can guess later. While they are out of the room, explain to the crowd that we all know that everyone’s favorite hobby is kissing, so let’s find out about their kissing. When each student enters the room, ask him or her questions about their favorite hobby, e.g. Where do you like to do it? With whom? Why do you like it so much or what’s your favorite part?

If you're uncomfortable with the 'kissing' theme, you can say 'frog-kissing' or 'cow-tipping' or something goofy.

Idea from Young Life

Also see Hobby Pantomime (Click Here) and Toilet Bowl Rollercoaster (Click Here).
Back to Top Hobby Pantomime
Take 3 people out of the room. Bring in the first person and act out detailed, exaggerated actions of your hobby. Bring in the next person and have the first act out the hobby for the second. Have the second person act out he hobby for the third. At the end ask each person what they thought they were acting out. This is basically a big game of telephone through pantomiming. The hobby you pick can even be something that isn't realistic, such as acting out changing a diaper or washing an elephant.

Added by Young Life

Also see Hobby Hoax (Click Here) and Gossip Tellers (Click Here).
Back to Top Ho-Ho Slam
Bring 4-6 students up front. Give them each one (or two) Ho-Ho's and a glass of milk. Let them know that this is a simple contest of "the first one done with the Ho-Ho's and milk WINS!" Yell "Go!" and let the games begin!

Also see Baby Bottle Burp (Click Here).
Back to Top Hose-Head
Bring 2 people up front. Get a pair of women's size small thigh-high panty hose.
(Or just cut the legs from a regular pair.)

Put a tennis ball in the end of each one all the way at the toe end. Have the contestants put the panty hose over their head and face (w/ ball dangling in front). They bend over and start swinging their panty hose and ball. Then they try to use their swinging hose to catch the other swinging hose and pull it off the other person's head.

The first one to pull it off their opponents head is the winner. They can run around or whatever trying to keep it on their head.

As always, use caution and safety. Make it a rule that if their hose hits the other person or wraps around the other person, they lose. (You don't want them wrapping hose around necks, heads, etc.) You might want to offer eye protection as well.

Another option is to do this with about 6-10 people.

Added by Chuck Linton

Also see Flour Swing (Click Here).
Back to Top Hot Dog Catch (aka Space Alien Dogs)
Bring three guys up front and somehow attach 32 oz. cups around their necks. Put three blindfolded girls in the back of the room (or a good distance away if you're in a large room) and give each of them a dozen hot dogs each. The girls throw the dogs to the guys who catch them in their cups without using their hands. If you're playing for points, you can give extra points if they bank the dog off the guy's face.

Added by Young Life

For another hotdog game, see Cold Toe Dogs (Click Here).
Back to Top Human Bowling
Go to local bowling alleys and ask for 12 old pins (Youth worker John Lord's alternate 'pins' are a stack of small plastic chairs or other large, soft items).

Get a "creeper" (sled on wheels used to slide under a car to do maintenance), or an oversized skateboard, and a motorcycle helmet. Put girls on the sled with the helmet on and have them put their hands behind their back and let a guy (or vice versa the guy and girl thing) "bowl" them down into the set of 10 pins (they must be spread out well, you will need to practice to see how far). Usually bowl 3 competitors and let them do a frame a piece.

You will need 2 people to set the pins up again quickly and one to catch them so they don’t go through the pins and head first into the wall. Most good sleds can really move up to 20-30 feet or so, so have a good runway. There are great sound effect CDs out there, with bowling sounds for the background. Also, you have the two extra pins -- paint them gold and make into trophies -- and give one to keep and put the names of the winners on the other as your running trophy. For a sell before the “tournament” (to pump the group up), have a "human cannonball" fly in on the sled and smack the pins (helmet, chest protector, goggles, shin guards, elbow pads, etc.).

Added by Young Life

Also see Pumpkin Bowling (Click Here) and Vacuum Cleaner Bowling (Click Here).
Back to Top Human Christmas Tree
You can play this as an up front game or, if you have a small group, divide into teams. Have as many teams of 4 as you want.

Designate one person "the Christmas tree," and the others "decorators". Each decorator has a bag full of ornaments, lights, etc. (any tree decorations will do).

Give each team 5 minutes to decorate their "tree". When finished turn off all the lights and plug in Christmas Trees. Take pictures!

Added by Blaine Tarnecki

Also see Christmas Wish List (Click Here) and Christmas: Dueling Carolers (Click Here).