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Looking for other sites that have youth ministry stuff you can acutally use! Check out some of these "Jonathan Approved" sites!

Adventures In Missions:
Looking for a mission trip opportunity for your youth group, college group, or church? Check out AIM. These guys are solid and have some great mission opportunities for you and your group. The site's easy to follow, and they're easy to get a hold of.

Al Menconi:
Many of you who The Source Ezine recognize the name Al Menconi. I've quoted Al and plugged his newsletters in the past. Al Menconi Ministries' mission is to educate and equip Christian parents, leaders and youth to consider the values communicated in their entertainment—especially today's music—and encourage choices consistent with God's Word. Al writes fantastic articles; be sure to check this site out!
This is an invaluable tool for plain ol' BIble study, small group discussion write-up, and sermon prep. The primary features are "Passage look-up" and "Keyword Search". It features 50 online Bible versions in 35 languages. In English, all the major players included: KJV, NKJV, NIV, NASB, NLT, TNIV, The Message, and 13 other English versions or translations. Great for cutting and pasting passages to your notes or PowerPoints. Footnotes with Greek stuff and other helps included.

Bibles At Cost:
This site is the best place to order Bibles. If you don't believe me ... check out the prices. They are the LOWEST!!! Gordie, the owner of this organization believes in getting Bibles out, as opposed to driving a nice car! Awesome organization, I use them for all Bible and software needs!

Here's one of the few not free exceptions we've made to our web links page. As the Buckets-O-Fun home page touts, "From things that fly to a bucket full of slime, we are your #1 source for unusual and hard to find items for your group activities. Age is no limit to the fun to be had." Lots of goofy, fun items to add to your youth event or camp experience: rubber chickens, pigs, or bass (the fish not the instrument), finger rockets, slimy stuff they call Chunky Yuck, Saucy Yuck, and Snowy Yuck, not to mention a page devoted to Yuck Accessories. And you know how much The Source likes slimy stuff. (In case you're wondering, according to their Safety Data Sheet, Yuck is Non hazardous under OSHA 29CFR 1910.1200). Another thing we really like is that they include free Game Instruction PDFs for all their products. Super Chicken Tag? Now that's our kind of game!

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding:
This site has a veritable plethora of great resources about youth culture. Walt Mueller, president of Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU), publishes a quarterly newsletter about youth culture available on this CPYU web site. This is great site with lots of useful links to help us keep current with where youth are today. Check it out.

Children's FREE Bible Curriculum:
Looking for some new children's curriculum but you have NO budget? No worries. Calvary Chapel posted their curriculum online for free. Check out this children's curriculum with coloring, word searches, Q and A, both Old and New Testament. What a great resource!

Creative Youth Ideas:
After 20 years in youth ministry, Ken Sapp has quite a few ideas and he's sharing them for free with children's and youth workers on his web site. A little bit of everything: icebreakers, evangelism ideas, drama ideas, over 40 object lessons, more than 100 creative teaching ideas, and 50 teaching illustrations. Take your pick!

Dare2Share Ministries:
Energizing and equipping teenagers to know, live, share, and own their faith in Jesus is Dare2Share's bottom line. Dare 2 Share is convinced that the answer to this crisis in Christianity lies in an aggressive initiative to transform youth ministry from reactive and entertainment based to Great Commission driven and Scripture based. They understand the power of giving students something to do and something to believe. D2S provides thought-provoking and insightful books, hosts radical conferences, and has produced two reality based DVD productions called The Gospel Journey, each bringing together seven strangers first in the Rocky Mountains, then in Maui, and taking them on a journey through the gospel message as it unfolds throughout the story of the Bible. Raw, real and riveting discussions, an emotional breakdown or two, and a few shocking surprises! Also, check out their web site, including a FREE STUFF link, which currently provides over 1,400 FREE evangelism and discipleship resource pieces.

Deeper Devotion - A Site for Growing Christian Students:
Deeper Devotion is a free web site which was started with the purpose of encouraging students to know God more intimately. It does that with several elements, the main being a daily text devo that's short, biblical, and available as a podcast. Students can sign up and choose to receive their daily devo via email, RSS feed, or iTunes. Also available are relevant articles with an anonymous user Q&A comment thread on each. We got positive feedback from sr. high students we asked to check it out. One guy said, "I really like the site because it allows teens to ask questions that many are afraid to go straight to a Christian adult or (another) teenager, for that matter." There's nothing fancy about the layout, so it's not like showing up to a virtual playground, but if you want biblical substance, we recommend this site.

Door of Hope 4 Teens:
For teenagers and young adult women who struggle with cutting and similar forms of self injury, Door of Hope 4 Teens not only provides free and confidential phone and email support, but good basic info on the issue for teens and those who want to help them, scriptural encouragement, a great web links page and multiple book recommendations by respected authors.

Download Youth Ministry:
Download Youth Ministry is all about Helping Youth Workers Win! DYM was created by Doug Fields & Josh Griffin to help youth workers win in their vital role by providing resources that are: High in quality, easy to use, inexpensive and trench-tested. You can buy want you need or sign up for their membership. Jonathan and Todd (our movie guy) both have resources available on DYM. You can find them by clicking on their names.

Additional links: Jonathan ( and Todd ( - A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents is an organization that provides factual information that gets through to young people, causing them to actually change their mindset about using drugs. The website is a great help for educating people to the truth about drugs and the addictions they can cause.
As a parent there is nothing more important than your child's well-being. Knowing the extent of the drug problem in our society, any parent naturally tries to protect their child from the destruction drugs can cause them physically, mentally and emotionally. Check out their Substance Abuse Guide for Parents to keep you in the know.

Experience Mission:
Experience Mission has developed mission trip opportunities for all ages. In the summer we have active youth mission trips that include junior high and senior high teams. In every partner community location there are college mission trips as well as other opportunities for college students. We have adult mission trips throughout the year and you can plan a family mission trip with a group of at least 14 adults. Each year Experience Mission sends thousands of people into our partner communities to serve and provide hope to others. From rural mission trips on the Navajo Reservation and in Appalachia to urban cities on both coasts and the midwest you can come and serve.

The purpose of is to glorify God by providing an alternative social network that is safe, clean, friendly, and Christ-centered. The site is set up similarly to MySpace, highlighting featured musicians and new people. User pages are exactly like MySpace, as well, with the capacity to download layouts, videos, and music. The difference? NO SKANKY ADVERTISING OR PICTURES! Profiles of users under 18 are automatically set to private, but a browse showed that they have the option to go public. Those under 13 are given extra precautions and are encouraged to ask their parents' permission before setting up an account.
I use this Focus on the Family website for their section on media. Scroll down the left hand side and press Media and Culture for Film reviews, Music Reviews and TV reviews. The Film reviews are from a Christian perspective and list all positive elements, spiritual content, sexual content, violence, etc. A great site to check out before taking your family to see "American Pie."

Free Bible Commentary:
Dr. Bob Utley (Bible Lessons International) has built a free commentary in written, audio, and video formats. We can't explore every one, but if you listen to his " You Can Understand the Bible" opening seminar, you'll know where he's coming from. He's unabashedly Baptist, but doesn't hesitate to quote from How to Read the Bible for All it's Worth by charismatic author Gordon Fee. He takes manuscript errors and translation problems to task without dishonoring the overall accuracy and holiness of God's Word. Some may disagree on points of denominational difference, but overall, Dr. Utley helps one consider the historical context, author's original intent, the original recipients, manuscript variants, and encourages thorough Bible study and dependence on God's Spirit for understanding.

Fun and Games:
Often, when I'm sent one of these links, it's just a site promoting the sale of some book or another. Or maybe a site with just a handful of games. Well, Kit from the UK and his site are worth checking out. Kit has a respectable amount of games, arranged by type. He also has mind benders, dramas and more! Good stuff.

Go Campus Coaching Center:
This web site is a great resource for anyone wanting to reach a campus for Christ. The Go Campus Coaching Center is a service to the Challenge 2000 Alliance (Challenge Alliance). This web site consists of resources from many different organizations. It not only provides resources, but is committed to give ongoing help to starter youth ministries and to help current ministries grow. Good resources and hands-on help!

Group’s goal is to help people grow in relationship with Jesus and each other. They create an endless stream of ideas, lessons, events, and service opportunities for the ever-transforming world of church ministry

HomeWord, formerly Youthbuilders, has developed this web site as a resource to parents and youth workers. This site is the home of the popular radio show "HomeWord with Jim Burns." The site is laid out extremely well with resources for all. Some of the highlights are their free parent newsletter, daily devotions, real life answers and articles. Check it out!
This site features instructions to several playtested, high quality free icebreakers, fun games, and team building activities - perfect for group facilitation, the first day of class (teaching), training, and meetings of all kinds. To achieve good group dynamics or just for fun, these free icebreaker games can be useful as youth group activities, party games, business and corporate training activities, college group activities, activities for kids, or simply good icebreaker games for family or friends on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The Internet Movie Database:
This is the coolest movie site to find actors, directors, movie titles, release dates, etc. Just type in "Harrison Ford" in the actor blank and see all he's ever done, biographies, etc!

This is a completely on-line television station that is also available through some satellite providers. It has Christian shows ranging from music videos, movies, extreme sports, talk shows and preachers. Plus it has encouraging youth programs like "24/7 Youth Group," "The Ramp" and "Youth Group Europe." It streams really easily and if you have dial up you can still listen to it without having to see it. This site will hook a lot of your youth, leaders and sponsors because it is geared towards ages 12-30. Honestly to call this a Christian MTV would be an insult to it, because it is so much better in variety, quality and content than MTV ever has been. is your source for everything junior high. It’s their mission to equip junior high ministry leaders around the world. They realize there aren’t a lot of specific resources, tools or even blogs for this age group. Most are focused on student ministry as a whole, rather than specifically on middle school students. They recognize this is a specific age group with specific needs, which is why they exist. Everything they create is to help you reach junior high students more effectively.

Kid's Sunday School Place:
Kid's Sunday School Place is your source for fresh, creative Children's Ministry resources, Sunday school lessons, Bible crafts, activities, object lessons, stories, skits, games, songs & much more. Teaching elementary Sunday school has never been so much fun! There's even a Spanish edition to the site.
Created by Eddie Witkowski, is a to connect other Middle School Pastors to sermons, games, videos, and technology that could help you do Middle School Ministry better. If you do Middle School Ministry, check it out. is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Missions to Mexico:
If you're looking for a low-priced (under $250 for a 7-day trip!) STMO (short-term missions organization) to work with for your next mission trip to Mexico, this experienced outfit might be a great option. They answer almost every imaginable question on the site's 13 pages (not including their links), providing details about what you can expect, from what group fees are used for, safety issues, to schedules, VBS, and work projects. If nothing else, the Coordinator's Manual seems to cover all the bases and might be a good comparative reference for any missions trip.
You won't believe this resource. A bunch of guys out of Calvary Chapel decided to start a ministry to help create, provide, & distribute the Bible in MP3 audio format for evangelism, discipleship, new believers, conferences, retreats, and outreaches. Here's the skinny: If you want some great follow-up material to give to new believers at an outreach event, at church each week, etc., these guys will put it together for you for FREE. You just pay the cost of the duplication of the CD's, only about $1 or $2 each. So you could have them create a CD with your logo, your best "discipleship" sermon, and the audio of the entire New Living Translation of the New Testament all on a CD for you to give away. This is NOT to sell- only to give away. What a great resource.

On My Own Now Ministries:
On My Own Now Ministries reaches young women with biblically-based multimedia, events, and programs to encourage faith, wise life choices, and Christ-like attitudes as they transition to independence during their latter teen years and early twenties. Their collection of resources also includes practical leadership on relationships, money management, and godly fashion for young women who desperately need all three. Based on the biblical book of Proverbs, this ministry provides "straight talk" to young ladies who want to honor God with their lives.

Open Church:
Open Church truly believes the local church is the hope of the world. That's why everything Life.Church makes is for the “capital C” Church, too. In addition to the downloads and Ideas you find on Open, Pastor Craig Groeschel and the entire Life.Church leadership have made their other tools and resources available to help you lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ…including

One of the best sites on the net for Christian students. Be sure to hit "Play" on the home page to listen to cool music while you browse this site sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc. (Click the "Track" button for more tunes.) A not-too-busy, easy to follow resource with a Q&A page worth referring your students and their friends to, along with "Believe" and "Grow" pages for non, new, and used Christians to explore loads of culture current topics and other questions about growing and becoming a follower of Jesus. There are also informative pages on pop culture profiling believers in the arts and sports and quick takes on movies and music. Students and youth workers alike will appreciate the free downloads.

Pastor 2 Youth:
I love web sites with free resources. Ryan has dedicated this site to bringing you plenty of free resources you can use. His games are divided by "where you play them"—I like that. My favorite part of this web site is a database that contains over 2,000 illustrations.

I don't usually link local organizations, but people travel all over for Rock-N-Water camp. Rock-N-Water is a very cool Christian youth camp in California that uses outdoor adventures like white water rafting, rock climbing, backpacking, canyoneering, and team building for working with youth groups. They are located on the South Fork of the American River in Coloma. They even host a Walk-on-Water winter camp!

Screen It:
This is an incredible resource to screen movies or videos before you see them. This detailed site reviews and lists every influential element, from specific bad language and imitative behavior to drug and alcohol content and scenes you'd just rather your kids or yourself not see. This isn't just a "warning label" site; there's also a box labeled, "Topics To Talk About" on each movie description page. Don't let the "subscriber" prompt fool you; you can look up loads of movies after you scroll to the bottom of the home page and just click the "No Thanks" button.

The Real Facts about Drugs:
'The Real Facts about Drugs' is a site filled with information on common narcotics, as well as guidance on issues such as substance abuse, addiction help and more.

Teen Sunday School Place:
Whether you need Sunday school lessons, Bible study ideas, activities, object lessons, skits, games, or tips for leading, this site has it. Titles with a green dot are free, items with a red dot are available to registered members. To their credit, TSSP supplies plenty of green dots, and while not comprehensive, resources are quality. ¿Querría usted esto en español? Everything has been translated to Spanish so that you can click the Spanish link button at the top right of any page to toggle back and forth from English to Spanish. ¡Super fresco!

Looking for answers to tough "life-issues" that you're facing? Alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, sexual pressures, pornography ... how do you deal with these things? is a collection of articles, resources and referrals organized by topic around family issues and concerns. Their goal is to help families by providing complete coverage of issues including a brief introduction to each topic, an overview of the issue at hand, Q&A with experts and tips for making things better.

Volunteer Power: provides free online resources you can use to recruit, motivate and train volunteers. Use Volunteer Power's online interview guide, including interview questions for volunteer or paid staff. Or check out a complete plan for a strategic planning retreat. Also find helpful articles on motivating, recruiting, managing and even firing volunteers. Don't stop at the website- sign up for the free monthly newsletter that provides fresh ideas, resources and even interviews with people who are actually doing it right!

Where Middle School Ministers gather online:
Committed to making Middle School Ministry better, Tom Shefchunas created Knowing that thousands of pastors have thousands of ideas every year, it is pretty simple to understand that there are millions of great ideas out there. And is all about sharing those ideas with you.

You can also follow them on Twitter for up-to-date ideas.

Youth Games:
Here's a fun game site from down under. Not a ton of content yet, but the tools are quite helpful with a custom search, favorites, etc. I always like to keep game sites like these in my favorites!

Youth Group Games:
You don't need to spend hours searching for a great game any longer. Jon VerLee from has a great site that has plenty of games listed on it that are perfect for youth ministries. The games are broken down by number of players, and also by age of players so you can click straight to what you need. Also, each game has a helpful materials list at the top so you will know what you need up front. This site could not be easier to use, and it's growing all the time.

Youth Group Games Directory:
Joel Zerner, who leads youth in Adelaide, Australia, has created a new web site with just games. The database is small at the moment, but growing. It features a custom game search which allows the user to search by game type, keywords, duration, messy-rating, number of teams needed and others. It also provides categories like Relaxing Rainy Day, Outdoor Action, Olympian Style, Team Challenge, and more.
Group Publishing, Inc. added this site Summer of 2000 and it looks like it's going to be good. It features articles on current youth trends and ministry ideas. It also provides a free resource section that will be filled up with games, discussion starters and ideas. Hundreds of FREE articles and ideas are available from Group Publishing's archive of resources. They also list more than 700 links to other web sites.

Youth Ministry Architects:
Group YMA is a ministry associated with speaker and author Mark Devries. YMA partners with churches and youth ministries, working alongside key stakeholders -including senior pastors, youth ministers, parents and students- to customize strategic plans for building successful and sustainable youth ministries.
This sight hits the ball out of the park. Great search engines and resources for all types of youth ministry. They have games, curriculum, events ... you name it. Check it out!

Youth Roots Digital Youth Rooms:
Youth Roots boasts that it takes the best of social networking sites and reinvents them to help youth leaders interact with, involve, and inspire their youth members, friends, and family. The leader controls the roles of those people on their pages, along with the visibility of the group online. Youth Roots provides access to original content - faith-related articles on culture current events, videos, music, and a "yPod" radio streams that run 24/7, one for Christian and one for Jewish listening audiences. Students create pages with blogs and pics, controlling what features are visible to others. Groups can post their calendar of events, online discussions, and create online photo albums. I like the fact that this site seems to have plenty for leaders AND kids. This could be a great alternative for those who don't want to build either a Facebook or MySpace. Plus, it's FREE for groups under 25 members.

Youth Specialties:
This site needs no introduction. The Youth Specialties page is the hub of youth ministry resources. "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!" Especially check out their games page and choose Youth Ministry Forum's message board on Games & crowdbreakers. All their links are extremely helpful ... the entire site is a "must see!"

YouthWorker Journal:
For more than two decades, YouthWorker Journal has been the leading resource for youth pastors throughout North America and elsewhere in the world. Both the Journal and provide solutions to everyday youth ministry challenges and address important theological issues involved in youth ministry today. The content you’ll find in and YouthWorker Journal include practical youth ministry ideas and insights, discussions of important theological issues, Bible resources, youth culture updates, youth ministry games and activities, reviews of the latest youth ministry books and music, information about youth camps and retreats, professional development articles and resources and much more.

Youth Work Practice:
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Well, now you don't have to, because 30-year German youth ministry veteran Hans Hirling has converted his massive youth work resource site into English. The few translation blurbs are actually kind of cool and don't take away from the value and access around this site. For both children's and youth workers, there are tons of games, ideas for both kids' and teen camps, complete meeting programs and theme nights, devotional discussion starters with graphics, and a youth leader training page with insightful articles. Haben Sie Spaß! (Have fun!)

YouthWalk magazine:
Great graphics on this site. Check it out! It's a devotional magazine for teens published by Walk Thru the Bible Ministries.

Youth With A Mission is an international volunteer movement of Christians from many backgrounds, cultures and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM (pronounced "WHY-wham"), their purpose is simply to know God and to make Him known.

YWAM has a decentralized structure that encourages new vision and the exploration of new ways to change lives through training, convey the message of the gospel and care for those in need. They are currently operating in more than 1000 locations in over 180 countries, with a staff of over 18,000.

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